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Start Reaping the Benefits of Your Agile Transformation 

Nearly every business today is trying to become more agile, yet many still struggle to achieve the expected outcomes of enterprise agility.

Achieving the benefits of agile at scale requires wholesale change across the organization.

Change like that doesn’t come easy. But it’s completely possible with enterprise agile transformation consulting that takes a multi-dimensional approach to implementation and improvements.

You need to connect execution to strategy.

Teams are busier than ever, but they still aren’t delivering the right stuff to the right people at the right time.

You need to break down silos.

Coordination meetings fill the calendar, but teams still feel as if they're working in a vacuum without all the information.

You need to achieve better visibility.

No matter how many spreadsheets and reports you create, people still complain about lack of transparency!

You need to nurture a holistic perspective.

Pieces of your agile adoption seem OK individually but still seem to fall apart when you put them all together.


Praecipio Delivers Across All Dimensions of Agility 

Praecipio has the expertise and the scale to help you achieve every dimension of enterprise agility, from strategy to the people, process, and technology necessary to execute that strategy.

We work with you and your transformation office to weave a steel thread through every dimension of your agile organization.


  People Come First.  

Praecipio starts with people: how teams think about work and are structured to deliver. We focus on mindset shifts, organizational structure, leadership buy-in, and more. 

  Technology Is Essential.  

Praecipio assesses the technology: the tools that facilitate your way of working. We help you choose and customize solutions that improve the way you work.

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  Process Is Paramount.  

Praecipio examines the process: how teams approach the work day to day. We work with you to implement and/or improve your agile framework of choice. 

  Strategy and Purpose Are Foundational.  

Praecipio explores purpose and strategy: the work that accomplishes goals and the value it delivers. We help ensure your strategy is executable within your context.


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Praecipio has helped hundreds of organizations of all sizes, scale their operations and exceed customer expectations.


Praecipio’s Connected Services Enable Business Agility 

Praecipio offers a cohesive and customized set of services focused on execution and results.

Agile at Scaleagile-
Agile at Scale Advisory Services

We help you evaluate your strategy from an ability-to-implement perspective, taking into account your desired platform and tool stack.

Agile Coachingagile-
End-to-End Enterprise Visibility

Turn your data chaos into clarity and action. Improve business outcomes with access to near-real time data.

Enterprise Agilityagile-
Enterprise Agility Technology Consulting

Align integrated processes with your chosen technology, from Jira Align and Rally to Business Intelligence tools.

Agile at Scaleagile-
Jira Align Onboarding

Unlock the full potential of Jira Align for your organization. We'll get you up and running smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

Connect Strategy to Execution with Jira Align

Atlassian’s Jira Align technology helps businesses connect their processes and people to their strategy. Add Jira Align to your agile transformation efforts and start seeing what teams are delivering, and how it connects to organizational goals, in near real-time. You’ll get:

 Near-real-time visibility from aggregated team data
 Alignment to strategy at the team level
 Insight into how funding ties to delivered value

Say goodbye to hours spent on spreadsheets and ad hoc reporting. Jira Align is the collaborative solution that gives you the visibility you need to improve coordination and increase your team’s ability to deliver the right thing to the right people at the right time.


Proven Benefits of Agile at Scale 

Being agile takes an investment of time, training, coaching, and technology. The return on that investment, though, can be huge in terms of everything from employee engagement to customer satisfaction. 

Respondents to the 2022 State of Agile Report cited the following agile benefits: increased collaboration (69%), better alignment to business needs (54%), better work environment (39%), and increased visibility into the development application lifecycle (37%).

These benefits are consistent with those reported in research by both McKinsey and SAFe. At Praecipio, we want to make those benefits a reality for you. Contact us today to learn more about how our agile experts can connect your people, process, technology, and strategy for optimal results.

Expected Benefits of a Successful Agile Implementation
Employee Engagement

+ 20 to 30 Points McKinsey

Achieve higher levels of engagement with teams who understand the why behind their work and are empowered to deliver results creatively.





Customer Satisfaction

+ 10 to 30 Points McKinsey

Give customers a better end-to-end experience by focusing teams on the customer first and incorporating transparent feedback loops.

Operational Performance

+ 30 to 50 Percent McKinsey

Give teams visibility into strategy and progress to improve speed, goal attainment, and predictability.






+ 25 to 75 Percent SAFe Scaled Agile

Build better products by creating cross-functional teams whose work overlaps and who trust and can collaborate with one another and other teams.


Perfect Strategy Is Made Perfect by Execution

The gap between execution and strategy generally comes down to one (or more) of these three pain points in people, process, and technology: lack of visibility, lack of coordination, and inability to quickly adapt.

90 %
of Organizations Fail to Deliver on Their Strategy
Lack of Visibility

You can spend hours and hours creating spreadsheets and reports, only to find teams can’t understand how their work relates to strategy and the c-suite can’t visualize progress.

Lack of Coordination

You can hold countless OKR workshops and create multi-page roadmaps, only to find that your teams have too many dependencies and too little capacity to drive the work forward. 

Inability to Adapt

You can invest tons of time and money to help teams pivot to new ideas, only to find you’ve chased the next shiny object so often that you never actually delivered value to your customer.


Praecipio puts your strategy to work

You can spend millions of dollars on a strategy created in a vacuum, only to find your people and processes are not organized to support it. To succeed, you don’t need the perfect strategy. You need a strategy that is achievable and executable. 

Bring us to your next strategy session. Our implementation experts have the strategy background to uncover the variables, complexity, and assumptions hiding behind the neatly packaged slideware. We will ensure your ideas are put into motion - in a highly visible and connected way.

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Praecipio Makes Enterprise Agility a Reality

But don't just take our word for it. Our customers trust us to give them the best-in-class experience. 

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2023 Atlassian Partner of the Year: Agile at Scale


The Connected Enterprise: Close the Gap Between Business Strategy & Execution 

Improve visibility, coordination, and adaptation across your agile organization with the power of Jira Align. Learn more about the research and trends that are driving companies to automate and connect work to strategy.

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Build Connected Enterprises, One Organization at a Time.

Through a combination of Atlassian, Software, DevOps, and Agile capabilities, Praecipio delivers proven value that goes beyond product expertise. By leveraging the Atlassian platform and our suite of enterprise-level solutions, we create a seamless connection between your people, process, and technology.


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