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Telecommunications Company Adopts Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

January 31, 2019


As the leading U.S. provider of telecommunications, our enterprise client relies on constantly delivering their best products to their growing market. In order to accomplish this, our client made the choice to move from traditional project management practices to an agile development methodology, including implementation and customization of Atlassian tools to support their new processes. In working with our SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework) certified Atlassian expert team at Praecipio, our client achieved standardization in agile processes and reporting to optimize their continuous delivery practices.


Before our agile transformation project, our client utilized a set of disparate software tools to manage work item tracking, reporting, and requirements gathering. Our client required an agile solution that supported their new SDLC practices as they were unsatisfied with lack of traceability and flexibility found in traditional tools project management tools like Excel, Word, and Visio.


Bringing our SAFe® and Atlassian product expertise to the engagement, our team implemented Jira Software and Confluence paired with custom scheme configuration and product training to empower our client to grow their Atlassian usage across their organization in a scaleable, sustainable way. Based on their needs for work item tracking and a collaboration platform, we delivered a client-tailored software solution that maximized productivity with support SAFe® practices and standardized custom schemes.


Our experts partnered with a team of stakeholders to discuss current processes in place and create a customized set of schemes that would allow them to track work from their portfolio backlog down to team implementation. This set of custom schemes in Jira facilitated our client's goals for scalable growth, as they prepared to migrate all departmental teams to Jira. An additional consideration, and SAFe® best practice, involved managing existing schemes and reducing the overall number (and subsequent data entities) to optimize their production instance and enforce standardized reporting across departments.


Further solidifying our client's newly adopted agile methodology for SDLC, we implemented Confluence to replace Word for requirements gathering. Not only does Confluence integrate with Jira (where the corresponding projects are tracked) and provide collaboration abilities for disparate teams, but our team of experts configured the content management tool with custom spaces for project-related requirements gathering. Helping to designate collaborative space for specific projects and teams, our client gained the ability to customize spaces per their team's needs, including setting permissions and roles to provide the right level of visibility.


As the final piece of our engagement, we delivered Jira Basics and Jira Agile Basics training to solidify our client's adoption of their new tools and agile processes. Covering various levels of Jira functionality in the context of Scaled Agile Framework allowed for their software development teams to enthusiastically adopt their new issue-tracker and agile practices, immediately putting them into practice following the project.


After our engagement, our client successfully transitioned to an agile SDLC methodology, leveraging our customizations of Jira Software and Confluence to standardize work done by teams and reporting to stakeholders. Because of this standardization, more teams across the organization are able to seamlessly migrate to Jira as they increase their user base, adopting the company-tailored practices as supported by our custom configuration of Jira Software and Confluence. Our client now has the ability to expand their teams to increase collaboration and agile software development releases with a software solution that enhances, not inhibits, their productivity, standardization, and reporting.

Learn how we helped our client transition to an agile SDLC methodology, leveraging our customizations of Jira Software and Confluence to standardize work done by teams and reporting to stakeholders.

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