Connect Strategy to Execution with Jira Align


Weave Together Team Execution, Data, and Organizational Goals

Agile transformation doesn’t introduce new issues; it exposes existing ones. One of the most glaring concerns, especially at scale, is the disconnect between what teams are creating and what leadership is expecting.

Jira Align takes all the data stored in the tools teams are using already and brings it together. When properly configured for an organization that is ready, Jira Align gives you the clarity and confidence to deliver the right thing to the right people at the right time.


Visibility into your teams' aggregated data


Alignment to strategy at the team level


Insight into how funding ties to delivered value


Clear picture of dependencies


Understanding of where capacity is constrained


Improved coordination between teams


Improve Your Agile Organization With the Power of Jira Align

To close the gap between strategy and execution, people spend hours, days, and weeks on spreadsheets, presentations, and ad hoc reporting. But something still gets lost in translation as the c-suite tries to communicate strategy to delivery teams, and then lost again when delivery teams try to communicate progress back up to the c-suite. 

Find out how Jira Align helps to bridge the divide.


Accelerate Your Journey to Enterprise Agility

Our agile process experts know Jira Align inside and out. Just as importantly, they know what it takes to be agile at scale, how to create strategies that are measurable and achievable, and how to help you develop the internal skills to guide your teams to success.

In an industry-first, Praecipio combines our proven delivery methodology with repeatable processes to provide the most successful outcomes. Starting with a clean base configuration, we’ll guide you through the dos and don’ts of leveraging Jira Align. Expanding into known good options, our certified experts will help you explore the effects and consequences of changes through the lens of people, processes, and technology. From onboarding to technical account management to change management practice development, our agile at-scale experts are here to help.


2023 Atlassian Partner of the Year: Agile at Scale



of enterprises fail to deliver on strategy Forbes



ROI from Implementing Jira Align Forrester

Get Results Fast with Our Proven Approach to Jira Align

The Praecipio approach to Jira Align starts with people, moves to process, perfects technology, and ties it all to strategy and purpose. Through it all, we create a solution that is as unique as your business.

At Praecipio, we jump in only when we understand the current state of your people, processes, and technologies. We also explore how well those elements support your strategy and purpose. We capture your challenges, needs, and next steps–and determine your readiness for Jira Align.

Once we're in agreement on your current state, we make recommendations to accelerate the success of your transformation. We guide you through a roadmap to implement and expand Jira Align including agile at scale training, leadership education, and more.

As part of onboarding and technical architecture, we deploy Jira Align with a base configuration to rapidly demonstrate its capabilities and gain momentum across your programs. We work with leaders to better align strategy to current people and processes. 

As agile evangelists ourselves, we retrospect after the initial implementation and decide to pivot or persevere.  Our Refine phase is a chance for all parties to take a look at what we have learned and explore other options to meet your strategy and purpose.

Once your Jira Align deployment is complete, we’ll work with you to develop and perfect your processes, practices, data, and technology to meet your business needs and increase your agility. That might look like training, coaching, documentation, and support.

At Praecipio, we want to keep your tools running for you, so that you can keep delighting your customers. Our Modern Service Management solution offers expert, 24/7 application and tool support that scale to meet your evolving needs.

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Take your organization to new heights. Discover how Jira Align helps weave a steel thread through the many layers of people, processes, technology, strategy, and purpose.

Jira Align Training, Coaching & Onboarding from Praecipio

With the full spectrum of agile at scale advisory services from Praecipio, you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you need help with onboarding or want Jira Align training or coaching, we’ll be with you at every stage of your journey. We’ll enable you to unlock the full potential of Jira Align, so you can deliver maximum value to leaders and teams.

Team Strategy
Jira Align Onboarding: Evaluate and Establish Your Implementation Plan

Success with Jira Align starts with onboarding, a required first step in each new Jira Align deployment. One of our Onboarding Success specialists will work with you to assess your people, processes, technology, and strategy.  The output will be an initial implementation plan. 

  • Choose pilot teams and programs that are ready for Jira Align
  • Create a rollout plan & identify participants, including the executive champion
  • Connect Jira Align to your existing work management tool(s)
  • Establish the base configuration within technology platforms
  • Analyze data and determine the next steps
  • Train appropriate people on tool setup and use
Jira Align Training: Expand and Iterate via Known Good Options

You can make the most of your investment in Jira Align, and begin to close the gap between what leadership expects and what teams are delivering.

  • Learn best practices in the Jira Align product as well as agile at-scale processes
  • Understand how to structure data, users, and processes for optimal results
  • Create sustainable change management teams and policies to support agility, growth, and automation across the enterprise
Jira Align Coaching: Practice Development Across Your Enterprise

Gain new ways to grow more agile teams with transformation office coaching from the scaled agile experts at Praecipio.

  • Validate existing strategies and methodologies across the enterprise
  • Get up to speed on deployment patterns for implementation at scale
  • Improve the adoption of your chosen scaled agile framework
  • Drive change and engage teams at all levels, including the C-Suite
  • Align teams to business goals
  • Nurture a growth mindset and transformation culture

Are You Ready for Jira Align?

Our Jira Align experts will help you determine if your organization is prepared for Jira Align, or if we need to do some pre-work to improve leadership and team readiness.

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Build Connected Enterprises, One Organization at a Time.

Through a combination of Atlassian, Software, DevOps, and Agile capabilities, Praecipio delivers proven value that goes beyond product expertise. By leveraging the Atlassian platform and our suite of enterprise-level solutions, we create a seamless connection between your people, process, and technology.

Unleash the Full Power of Your Investment

Discover how weaving a steel thread through the many layers of people, process, technology, strategy and purpose, using Jira Align, can take your organization to new heights.