Discover the Intersection of Speed and Quality 

Team Collab

Align Two Worlds to One Goal: Deliver Customer Value

Development teams push boundaries to discover new solutions.

To delight customers, they focus on releasing quickly, pivoting responsively, and delivering innovation. 

Operations teams push the brakes to reduce risk. 

To delight customers, they focus on ensuring security, preventing downtime, and optimizing maintainability. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

By integrating development and operations into a streamlined, continuous cycle of agile processes, cutting-edge toolchains, and collaborative environments, contemporary DevOps strategies unite seemingly opposing priorities. This translates to accelerated delivery without sacrificing quality for your organization – ultimately providing genuine and sustainable value to customers.



Build Continuous Collaboration from End-to-End

Every day, development teams are fighting through scope creep, cost overruns, schedule slips, and antiquated process. Meanwhile, operations teams are battling vulnerabilities, unplanned tasks, inefficient workflows, and a lack of standardization. What would be attainable if everyone were aligned and working together to design solutions and prevent problems? What might happen if technology, process, and culture could create opportunities for integration and improvements?

Praecipio’s DevOps experts can help make these possibilities a reality along every step of the delivery path. Whether you need help with tool integration, infrastructure management, continuous integration, continuous delivery, security, automation, or improving your org culture, we have the experience and expertise you need to get the job done.

Infrastructure as Code

Deliver code that works. Create templates that both humans and machines can understand. And do it all in the cloud. 

Tool Integration

Optimize speed and increase visibility. Simplify your toolchain and keep data in sync across your toolset, from Terraform to AWS. 

Culture & Process

Modernize processes and build a culture of innovation and learning. Transform your way of working with agile principles and practices.

CI/CD Pipeline

Go fast, with control. Automate your software delivery process, test as you go, monitor issues and optimize delivery practices.


Stay safe, without sacrificing agility. Integrate lightweight security practices all along the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).


Lose the barriers, and keep the reliability. Automated testing, microservices, and serverless architecture simplify and standardize app delivery.

Supporting Services

Praecipio is a full-service IT partner with a broad range of offerings. Our wide array of solutions can add depth and breadth to your DevOps efforts.

Enterprise Agility Tools & Coaching
Enterprise Service Management - ITSM
Modern Service Management

Unlock the Power of DevOps for Your Teams

Depend on Praecipio's DevOps consulting to assist with the implementation of continuous delivery, automation, and collaboration between development and operations teams. As a result, you achieve true value: the speed and innovation your customers demand, with the security and quality they require. Your users will thank you for delivering what they need. 


Praecipio’s Iterative Approach to DevOps

The Praecipio approach is designed to meet your evolving needs. We start with an assessment and include space for refinement and enablement, incorporating learning as we go. Each new project (even what some might consider add-on work) begins with an assessment, ensuring every solution is unique to your needs. 



At Praecipio we start with understanding. We want to get a clear picture of the current state of your business tooling and processes, as well as your desired end state. We’ll work with you to deliver requirements, maturity, and gap analyses. 



We use what we learn during the assessment phase, along with your post-assessment feedback and adjustments, to create a design that achieves your goals. Every solution is based on current industry standards, practices, and security requirements. 


Once we agree on a design, we make the solution a reality. We provide industry-leading expertise, follow an agile approach, and work in a collaborative team environment to ensure all voices are represented and heard.



Praecipio is an agile company. We know that even the best plans change when a working product is delivered. We learn from what has been delivered to date, and then adjust to meet your evolving needs, from optimization to scaling to templates. 


Though your project is technically complete at this stage, our work is not. We create expert documentation and tailored training and coaching packages to ensure adoption across your teams.


Improve and Manage

At Praecipio, we know your first priority is running your business. We can help make that possible by ensuring your tools stay up-to-date and modern long after our engagement. Our Modern Service Management solution offers 24/7 support for your tools and applications that can scale to meet your changing needs.



Reach Out So We Can Get Started!

Don’t wait another day to connect development and operations at your organization. Leverage our strengths to deliver the tools, processes, and infrastructure you need to create value quickly and securely.


Explore Our DevOps Solutions on AWS Marketplace

As an industry leader, our mission is to provide our customers with the essential tools and services to connect your enterprise solutions. AWS Marketplace enhances our ability to serve you with our top-notch DevOps services. Whether you are looking to bolster security, enhance productivity, or drive innovation, our suite of solutions on AWS Marketplace is tailored to equip your business for success.


Why Choose Our DevOps Solutions through AWS Marketplace?
Customized & Integrated

Adapt and design solutions for your unique business needs. Streamline configurations with templates and automate all of your build, deliver, and operate tasks.

Performant & Durable

Attain 99.999% uptime and accelerate your projects with our on-demand, auto-scaling solutions. We support you from the build phase to operation and all steps in between.

Optimized & Agile

Our services seamlessly integrate with AWS services, adhering to your platform, infrastructure, network, and security best practices.

Governed & Measured

Maintain control of KPIs and dashboards. Our professional tools enable vigilant system monitoring, keeping you informed and accurate.

Compliant & Secure

Rest easy while we handle the heavy lifting. We adhere to the strictest security norms, allowing you to concentrate on what matters as we ensure your systems are secured.

Platinum Solution Partner clear

Build You a Truly Connected Enterprise

Through a combination of Atlassian, Software, DevOps, and Agile capabilities, Praecipio delivers proven value that goes beyond product expertise. By leveraging the Atlassian platform and our suite of enterprise-level solutions, we create a seamless connection between your people, process, and technology.


Unleash the Full Power of Your Investment

Discover the art of revolutionizing your connected enterprise alongside our team at Praecipio. Choose the right partner to help streamline all elements involved in your DevOps toolchain.