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Election Compliance | Ensure Election Preparedness with Modern Digital Tools

Atlassian can help your agency better manage the election season process and outcomes

Maintaining and reporting out on election standards and compliance is easier with intuitive software programs from Atlassian. From collaborative documents to project management and help desk automation, Atlassian has a solution that fits your agency’s election compliance needs.

  • Quickly organize and disseminate updated election information
  • Collaborate with vendors and other agency team members regardless of their agency or location
  • Respond to concerns and issues in an efficient and timely manner
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Maximize Effectiveness with Jira Core

Reduce uncertainty and maximize effectiveness with collaborative team project management. Coordinate activities and create clarity and transparency with the leading tools used by teams to plan, track, review, and report on projects of all types. Readily scale checklists, task management, communications, task assignments, and status reporting across multiple government levels, teams, and external vendors. Effortlessly create the detailed audit trails and visual dashboards needed for transparency and reporting.

Enhance Responsiveness with Jira Service Management

Enhance responsiveness to registration, ballot processing, and voting system issues. Easily track and manage issues from query to resolution, regardless of how they are submitted. Automatically build a searchable knowledge base of queries and responses to enhance self-service and reduce duplication.

Maximize Cloud Use with Confluence

Unleash the entire election team’s full potential with a collaborative workspace where teams from every government level, and outside vendors, can capture and share knowledge, leveraging searchable documents (including PDFs), discussions, and knowledge base. Create a centralized, secure, cloud-accessible location for the most up-to-date documents and information. Automatically collect discussions, emails, decisions, and other relevant information as it happens. Comment, edit, post updates and get notifications in realtime. Easily create how-to guides, checklists, and other support material.