Empower Your Enterprise with Generative AI 


Create Connected Experiences Using AI

In a world full of AI buzzwords and empty promises, Praecipio keeps it real. Expect nothing less than solid, effective AI solutions from us, geared towards tangible outcomes and measurable success. Our approach cuts through the noise, offering practical, reliable AI applications that enhance efficiency, empower data-driven decision-making, and create impactful experiences.


High-Value AI Solutions

Add value to your applications and drive efficiency throughout your enterprise.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Maximize strategic insights and informed choices with AI.

Impactful User Experiences

Transform your enterprise with AI that delivers meaningful interactions.

Human-Centric AI Approach

AI that amplifies human potential and builds organizational trust.

Strategic AI Alignment

Integrate AI with your data systems, aligning tech directly with your objectives.

Data Security & Control

focus on data protection and secure management of AI insights.

Team Workflow

Elevate JSM with AI

Discover the power of operationalized AI with Praecipio Intelligence for Jira Service Management. Securely train our Praecipio Intelligence Engine from a wide variety of data sources including Atlassian, Snowflake, and other proprietary documents and data, then watch as it boosts efficiency of your human agents.


AI-Powered Analytics

To get the most value from AI, start with your organized data. Tools like PowerBI and AlphaServe aren't just add-ons; they're essentials. Use them to capture data across platforms, uncovering business intelligence that guides your decision-making process.

Team Puzzle
Team Collab

Achieve Resilience with AI

By blending automation and machine learning, Praecipio Intelligence works with Atlassian to dismantle data silos and unify the flow of information across teams and platforms. Driving agility and responsiveness, our connected approach helps you build resilience and meet future challenges head on.


Praecipio Intelligence for Jira Service Management

Is your team grappling with these all-too-familiar pain points?

“Our ticket response times are lagging.”

“There’s too much-unstructured information to sort through to answer my client’s question.”

“We don’t have enough staff, and our staff spends most of their time on repetitive tasks.”

“Our NPS score is down.”

In the race against today's business environment, doing 'business as usual' means falling behind. Generative AI models help deliver the always-on, reliable services that customers demand. The problem? Even the most sophisticated models don't know your customers like you do.

That's where Praecipio comes in.


Complementary to Atlassian Intelligence

Two virtual heads are better than one. Praecipio Intelligence for Jira Service Management fits neatly within the AI features of Atlassian Intelligence. Take your organization to the cutting edge of AI technology by using both. Learn more about how Atlassian and Praecipio Intelligence work together.

Atlassian Intelligence Praecipio Intelligence
Includes AI tools throughout many Atlassian products  Specific to Jira Service Management deployments
Users can ask questions about instance data via slack integration  Internal and external customers can create requests via JSM's portal and receive AI-generated responses
Leverages Open AI with access to data within your cloud instance Can use a selection of LLMs and securely train on a variety of data sources including Atlassian, Snowflake, google drive, proprietary documentation, and more
Deployment via Atlassian Cloud

 Deployment for Cloud and Data Center

Helps users on Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket to write content, search in natural language, find the status of issues, and more Helps agents in Jira Service Management to address and resolve requests with AI-generated responses based on data in the context of your business
A 'virtual team-mate' for Atlassian Cloud products to generate content and move work  A virtual agent that supports your human agents with AI-generated responses


Redefine Your Service Desk with Praecipio Intelligence

Praecipio Intelligence goes beyond mere responses. It's a game-changer for your service desk, streamlining operations and elevating customer service to new heights. Ready for an upgrade that truly makes a difference?

Maximizing Impact with Custom AI Solutions

At Praecipio, we won't distract you with buzzworthy AI; we cut the bulls*&t and deliver AI solutions that make an impact. Think cost-savings, improved data management, increased efficiency, and measurable business outcomes. Our team of seasoned software developers dive deep into your unique challenges and emerge with precise, practical solutions that propel your business forward. We're not building systems, we're building the future of business, one connected enterprise at a time.

AI Advantages with Praecipio

  Seamless business integration.

  Data-driven insights.

  Measurable impact on efficiency, productivity, and financial results.

  Strategic alignment with business goals.

  Continuous innovation and technology updates.

  Reduced operational costs through automation & custom data models.

  Advanced predictive analytics for proactive strategies.

  Increased data security and compliance.

AI Development Expertise

Expert System Integration

Our software engineers bring decades of experience, ensuring seamless and efficient integration across your tech landscape.

Tailored Solutions

We don't do generic. Our AI solutions are custom-configured to fit your unique business challenges like a precision-engineered part.

Solving Tomorrow's Problems

We're not just keeping up with AI advancements; we're leading the charge, tackling the big problems head-on.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Our team adeptly modernizes legacy tools, infusing them with the latest AI advancements for enhanced performance and relevance.


AI at Your Service... Desk

Discover the real business value of AI in our engaging webinar with Spike Ilacqua, Principal Software Engineer. Dive into practical AI applications, enhance Atlassian platforms with AI customization, and supercharge your service desk. Includes a live demo of Praecipio's AI autoresponder for Jira Service Management.

Key Insights:
  • Demystifying AI
  • AI for practical business outcomes
  • Custom AI solutions in Atlassian
  • Live demo of AI-enhanced JSM
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Build Connected Enterprises, One Organization at a Time.

Praecipio is in the business of getting the right things done. We utilize the Atlassian platform, AI, DevOps, and Agile methodologies to build truly connected enterprises. We don’t just deploy tools; we integrate them seamlessly, aligning your strategic vision and the teams executing on it. With us, it’s about delivering proven results, designing resilient processes, and building you an actionable path forward.

Your AI Journey Starts Here

With Praecipio's AI solutions, it's not just change, it's a leap forward. Transform your business, embrace innovation, and stay ahead of the curve. Your journey into the future of AI begins now.