Praecipio Releases State of Service Management Report 2021

August 27, 2021

Austin, TX – August 27, 2021 – Praecipio, an Austin-based IT consulting firm that enables digital transformations through leading technologies and business process management, recently published the State of Service Management 2021 Report, which provides an in-depth look at how diverse teams-from Legal, HR, Marketing, and beyond-are adopting Service Management principles to address business challenges and improve ways of working.

Filled with data-driven insights and statistics, the report provides a detailed assessment of emerging trends in Service Management and discusses how the framework contributes to business value, employee well-being, and improving the service experience. Some key findings from the full report include the following:

  •  The majority of organizations (71%) have either started or are planning to use ITSM capabilities outside of IT. Only 21% of organizations have no plans.
  •  The top three drivers for Service Management are: process standardization and optimization (22%), cost reduction (21%), and employee experience improvement (19%).
  • The corporate roles driving Service Management are most commonly the CEO and CIO. CEOs in smaller organizations, CIOs in larger organizations.
  • Well-advanced Service Management strategies are least likely to have the CIO responsible for driving them – instead, it’s more likely to be the CEO or COO.
  • Customer service/support is the most popular use case for Service Management outside of IT – at 88% of organizations with in-flight Service Management strategies.
  • Service Management tool churn is still high. Only one-third of organizations have no plans to change tools in 2021 or 2022, with 17% currently changing and 24% expecting to in 2021.

The State of Service Management 2021 Report is the result of comprehensive research conducted by Praecipio, which involved surveying respondents from diverse business teams and who work with organizations of different sizes across various industries. Respondent demographics were based on job role, number of employees at the company, industry, and country. 

"As companies continue to face increasing uncertainty in the marketplace, those who are experience-focused and have operational agility will be the ones to keep pace with and thrive in today's business landscape," said Christian Lane, CEO and Founding Partner of Praecipio. "This requires extending ITSM capabilities and digital technologies to all teams across the organization, which is a trend we have seen play out in the digital space and also confirmed in the State of Service Management 2021 Report. The findings in this report are clear: to strengthen their digital foundation and achieve value-driven outcomes, it's critical that businesses adopt Service Management strategies and tools that support them."

Access the State of Service Management 2021 Report here

About Praecipio 

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