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Following AtlasCamp in Barcelona, Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Expert, Praecipio Consulting announced they are extending their services to include implementation, configuration, and consulting on the Riada suite of products. Riada, based in Sweden, are also Atlassian Platinum Experts who have expanded their European market to the U.S. through technology partnerships. Teaming with Praecipio Consulting, Riada solutions including licensing, implementations, configuration, and consulting are now available through the Austin-based process consulting firm. "Riada's line of products greatly enhance the functionality and customization of the tools major organizations rely on everyday," says Praecipio Consulting Partner, Joseph Lane.

"We are happy to enter the partnership with Praecipio Consulting, a fellow Atlassian Platinum Expert with high ambition and similar services like ours,” says Riada CEO, Tommy Nordahl. The Riada product suite includes Notification Assistant for JIRA, Insight and Insight Discovery. “The Insight products enable organizations to extend the usage and value of JIRA to cover way more than project and issue management; it’s the strongest CMDB solution in the ecosystem which unleashes enterprise asset management and ITSM in JIRA. Praecipio Consulting is working together with us to help our U.S. based customers benefit from the powerful features in Insight,” says Nordahl.

"This partnership gives [Praecipio Consulting] the ability to continue delivering the best business process and technology solutions to our clients through an expertise in Riada's products," states Lane.

About Praecipio Consulting

Praecipio Consulting is an IT and business process consulting company focused on the Atlassian product suite, offering services, product licensing, training, managed services and managed hosting, and custom development across the entire Atlassian product suite. Specializing in IT processes, best practices and frameworks including ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and various ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) models, Praecipio Consulting provides first-class services to clients of all industries and sizes for superior, consistently delivered solutions.

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