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Praecipio Consulting is proud to announce that we have been chosen as one of the first participants of the newly formulated Atlassian Jira Align Specialization Program.

Atlassian announced that Praecipio Consulting is one of only fifteen companies worldwide selected to be the elite few to participate in the structured Jira Align Specialization Program.

"It’s a privilege to be hand-picked by Atlassian for their new, cutting-edge initiative, and our team couldn’t be more excited! It’s another coveted milestone in our 12 years of a successful partnership with Atlassian," Praecipio Consulting Founding Partner, Christian Lane. "Serving as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner is a critical and core capability, and we look forward to the opportunities that this program will provide us. More specifically, we look forward to the additional capabilities and solutions we can deliver to our customers, in order to further contribute to their success and achievements."

Praecipio Consulting went through a rigorous process, competing with the “best of the best” for one of the Jira Align Specialization's limited spots.

Atlassian has made one thing clear—the mandatory sales and services bootcamps are demanding and require that our staff hold the highest level of experience and certification to-date. “Praecipio Consulting's team are trained, supported, and prepared to successfully guide customers through their Agile transformations implementing Scaled Agile Solutions with Jira Align.” Mr. Lane continued, "The added capabilities and solutions are the very reason we invest in Atlassian's product suite—to bring our customers the best process frameworks and technology solutions, especially Scaled Agile."

Praecipio Consulting enables impactful transformations to build, release, run, and manage better products and services. As a cross-disciplinary consulting practice, Praecipio Consulting specializes in ITIL-based ITSM processes, Agile/SAFe, DevOps, Business Processes, and various frameworks. Praecipio Consulting is a trusted partner to clients of all sizes and industries.


Written by Praecipio

Praecipio Consulting is an Atlassian Platinum Partner

This means that we have the most experience working with Atlassian tools and have insight into new products, features, and beta testing. Through our profound knowledge of Atlassian environments and their intricacies, we can guide your organization as you navigate these important changes.


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