By utilizing our process expertise and knowledge of the Atlassian product suite, Praecipio Consulting standardized SDLC processes and implemented Jira, Jira Agile, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, and Stash for one of the world's largest legal and business news providers. We took a deep dive into our client's processes and created a standardization plan that allowed for disparate cross team collaboration that was unique to our client's objectives while adhering to Agile and SDLC best practices. These standards were then implemented and configured into the Atlassian product suite to provide our client with an end-to-end SDLC solution that provided increased transparency, normalization, and accelerated development processes. Producing over 5,000 news stories per day in over 73 countries, our client understands the need to deliver its products through innovative technology, quickly and accurately.

The Problem

Providing media in both print and online format to consumers around the world, our client required a toolset that allowed for traceability of processes to ensure their high standard of accuracy in reporting. Following our client's multi-million dollar acquisition by an industry leader with multiple successful verticals, our client began to feel the strain of older software that limited process efficiency and blocked normalization of practices from one team to another. Their existing documentation and issue-tracking product had been in use for twenty years, and our client desired a solution that would standardize processes and terms across organizational development while giving executives the transparency and large-scale project viewing they needed.

Client Needs

  • Normalization of processes for cross-team collaboration
  • Transparency across disparate teams
  • Increased traceability over software development life cycles
  • Continuous integration and scalability of tools
  • Praecipio Consulting Provided
  • Initial Process Discovery, Consultation and Roadmap
  • Normalization of Processes in Agile Implementation
  • Product Training on the Atlassian Stack
  • Iterative Jira, Confluence, Jira Agile and Service Desk Configuration and Implementation

How We Helped

Our client engaged Praecipio Consulting after seeing our expertise in two Summit 2013 training sessions. With an extensive and innovative knowledge of SDLC best practices, Praecipio Consulting provided our client the tools and support they needed to successfully implement the full Atlassian stack to maximize business practices.


During the Discovery phase various teams approached Praecipio Consulting with their wish lists: Developers wanted integration with code repositories; Team leads needed project overview for efficient and accurate executive reporting; Cross-team members required standardized tools and practices across projects. After spending time on-site learning the in-depth needs of our client, we were excited to offer a solution that was able to standardize while offering teams the flexibility they desired. This included a move from waterfall to agile methodology, requiring workflows and tools that enabled agile adoption across the organization. These processes where then distilled into the full Atlassian stack and provided the robust functionality, standardization and centralization our client required to unify disparate teams.


We worked alongside Subject Matter Experts from each team to design a holistic set of rules and workflows that adhered to their newly defined processes. With many cross-team projects and managers, our client needed standardized workflows to allow team members to move seamlessly from one project to another, leveraging common definitions to make coordination across product managers easier. Additionally, the ability to integrate other tools was paramount, as our client needed a solution that would leverage other business platforms and could scale over time.


Using our time-tested methodology, we conducted meetings with our client's subject matter experts to build-out the customized solution for their needs. During build-out, we focused on configuring in a way that simplified future administration of Jira, including integrating Confluence to enforce documentation standards. Because each team had slightly different workflow requirements, we worked to achieve standardization across shared process needs while providing custom fields when needed to specific project teams. Regular communications with stakeholders kept all parties up to date on development, taking feedback into account as we built, to ensure that the resulting solution met all our client's requirements. Our production team's experience produced a quick turn-around during configuration and testing, allowing us to provide solutions for all our client's enterprise needs while keeping to our delivery schedule.


Once stakeholders signed off on proof of concept, we initiated a hybrid cutover from our client's existing application. We created projects based on considerations of teams, applications and codebases, followed by a mapping exercise to determine the migration plan from Lotus Notes to Jira. Legacy, in-flight projects in Lotus Notes were completed for migration and past projects in the application were archived to remain searchable. Additionally, we migrated our client's backlog items to Jira, allowing for our client to continue development without interruption. Our thorough planning and constant communication with our client ensured that full functionality was achieved by go-live, providing teams with the processes and functionality they desired.


As an enterprise company with hundreds of team members, knowledge transfer included working with instance administrators to cast a vision for long-term scalability of processes and tools. As owners of the instances, we aimed to empower technical leads with solutions that fit their specific teams to allow on-going ownership. Knowledge transfer sessions included a review of design materials to reinforce the logic of workflows and optimized business practices. Praecipio Consulting also provided training to our client's large teams of project managers and developers, including fundamentals for Jira, Confluence and Jira Agile, as well as specific sessions around workflows and administration. By the end of our training sessions, our client gained the ability to leverage the full Atlassian stack to meet the needs of each team while achieving scalability.

The End Result

By engaging with our client we were able to provide a comprehensive solution that optimized our client's development processes, increased oversight and traceability, fostered cross-team collaboration, and accelerated development processes.

With Praecipio Consulting, our client achieved robust functionality with the full Atlassian stack, providing future scalability and expansion of tools to other verticals within the parent company. What would have been a daunting challenge for our client became an exercise in expertise for us, working with our client to get the desired results in a way that put stakeholders at ease and provided a solution that would have been difficult to achieve on their own. "We are honored that an organization of this size and global reputation partnered with Praecipio Consulting to implement the Atlassian product suite," states Partner and Senior Solutions Architect Joseph Lane. By implementing the Atlassian toolset and customizing a solution for our client, we began our on-going relationship to continue offering best products and practices for their growing needs.

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