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4 min read

The Cost of Not Moving to Cloud

If you're feeling confused about migrating to Atlassian Cloud, you're not alone. One of the biggest unknowns when deciding whether to make the move to cloud is...

2 min read

Praecipio Consulting’s Innovative AI-Powered App for Jira Cloud: Intelligent Image Classifier

As machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to transform the way we use our technology platforms, the potential for innovation skyrockets....

5 min read

Hassle-Free Atlassian License Management with Praecipio Consulting

Designed to scale with enterprise needs, the Atlassian platform offers flexible licensing models to support all levels of software deployment. Whether you...

10 min read

How To Decide Between Cloud and Data Center

Software and data have become the most valuable resources for modern businesses. As such, a central part of your overall business strategy should be fully...

3 min read

Extending ESM: What is Problem Management and why do you need it?

If you've read our earlier blog, "Service Management is More Than an IT Service Desk," you're likely already aware that Enterprise Service Management (ESM)...

3 min read

What is Advanced Roadmaps and how can it help your team?

Does your team leverage Jira to track their work? Do you need a robust planning tool to organize work and timelines? Advanced Roadmaps is a great tool to...

3 min read

What is ESM? How can Enterprise Service Management help my company?

Enterprise Service Management is a phrase continuing to pop up more and more as organizations look to refine their business strategies to improve efficiency...

3 min read

Our Atlassian Team '22 Recap

Team '22 has wrapped and what an exciting week it was. The event served as an impactful place for innovators and problem-solvers to come together and interact...

3 min read

Scrum Sprint Planning: How Long Should Sprints Be?

Teams new to scrum face lots of decisions – one critical decision for teams to perform efficiently is determining sprint length. Every team's needs are...

3 min read

Join Praecipio Consulting at Atlassian's Team '22

We're excited to share that we'll have our boots on the ground at Team '22, Atlassian's flagship conference, and the ultimate teamwork experience. It's...

5 min read

Our Guide to Moving Applications to the Atlassian Cloud

We get it. Migrating to the cloud can seem daunting. But it doesn't need to be. And, with Atlassian Server approaching end-of-life, the time to start...

4 min read

What Happens During an Atlassian Cloud Migration?

Since 2021, Atlassian users across the globe have inquired about Atlassian Cloud products. In talking with multiple clients and users, the inevitable...

3 min read

Cloud simplifies creating valuable workflows

Workflows are the backbone of every process in every business around the globe. Efficient workflows can help your business scale effectively. However, flawed...

3 min read

Why you should migrate to Atlassian Cloud in 2022

It's 2022, and we're (hopefully) at a peak with Omicron, yet we still aren't sure what the future of work looks like. In 2020, classrooms went virtual and...

3 min read

4 Common ITSM Tool Mistakes with Enterprise Service Management

Are you “penny wise, pound foolish? ”If you haven’t heard the phrase, it means that someone is careful with small sums of money but wasteful with large sums....

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