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4 min read

Why Upgrade Your Atlassian Stack?

One key component of managing your Atlassian products is managing their upgrades. Upgrades can present a daunting and significant time investment for many...

3 min read

Can a Product Owner also be a ScrumMaster?

TL;DR: No!

Can one person hold both the Product Owner (PO) and ScrumMaster(SM) role in an Agile team? It's a question that a lot of companies starting their...

2 min read

Jira Tips: Create From Template vs. Create From Shared Configuration

There are a variety of ways to create projects in Jira – whether from a predefined template from Atlassian or from a shared configuration with an existing...

17 min read

The Journey to SSO, Part V: Onboarding and Offboarding Contractors automatically with SAML Single Sign On

Praecipio Consulting has partnered with our friends at resolutionan Atlassian Gold Marketplace Partner based in Germany that specializes in software...

6 min read

Leadership required when moving to Cloud and Digital

2020 – What a change!

By now, every technology leader has torn up their plans and strategies as they began a ten-month tactical, fire-fighting effort to move...

3 min read

Jira Workflow Tip: Global Transitions

Building Jira workflows can be overwhelming. As Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners for over a decade, we at Praecipio Consulting have spent a lot of time...

3 min read

Tracking CSAT through Jira Service Management

Customer Satisfaction, or CSAT, is a customer experience metric measuring satisfaction with a product, service or support interaction. The metric is captured...

2 min read

Should Stories & Bugs Follow Different Workflows?

The short answer: Not really. Stories and bugs are both software development items by different names. As such, the vast majority of activities and controls...

2 min read

The Impact Installing Apps Can Have on an Atlassian Application

Performance and uptime are crucial when hosting any application. For the Atlassian suite, the use of apps can have a major impact on these hosting aspects....

3 min read

Getting the Most From Your Jira Service Management Automations

How many times is the number of clicks, fields or screens having to be navigated through used as a reason that work efficiency is low?  It is a main way to...

4 min read

How Service Management Capabilities Improve Your Organization’s Employee Onboarding

Have you ever started work at a new organization as an eager new employee, only to find that you don’t have everything needed to “hit the ground running”? It...

25 min read

The Journey to SSO, Part IV: A Killer Implementation of SAML Single Sign On with Jira and Confluence Data Center 

Congratulations on reaching the final destination in our very special journey to combine frictionless Atlassian applications with enterprise security! If you...

7 min read

Root Cause Analysis: Leonard, Howard, and the 5 Whys


For those of you watching from home, I have been on a home improvement journey for quite some time. Applying an Agile mindset to home improvement...

5 min read

Tips for Performing a Successful Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis: The Under-appreciated Hero

When implementing an IT Service Management (ITSM) system, I always look forward to spending time on root cause...

3 min read

Three Things No One Tells You About Custom Fields in Jira

Custom fields can be an over-looked configuration point in Jira, and it's easy to see why: they're easy to create, modify, and make available for your users....

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