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2 min read

Work Should Be Pulled, Not Pushed | Praecipio Consulting

Pushing work is generally considered to be the process by which someone will finish their work and then hand it off to a teammate, regardless of whether or...

5 min read

Can We Talk for a Moment About Spreadsheets? | Praecipio Consulting

No, seriously: can we please take a moment to talk about spreadsheets? I have a very large bone to pick with them. Spreadsheet is a four-letter word to me;...

3 min read

Trello 101: An Introduction | Praecipio Consulting

Welcome to Trello 101! In this post, we'll be talking about the basic functionality Trello has to offer that can get you up and running quickly and start...

2 min read

Agile 101: What is a Spike? | Praecipio Consulting

A Spike, in Agile software development, is a work item to support future work by the team that can't be performed without more research, design, or prototyping

2 min read

Are Retrospectives Useful for Non-Scrum Teams? | Praecipio Consulting

If you work in tech, you've most likely heard of the term "Agile". Agile is a framework typically used by software and project management teams to deliver...

5 min read

Which Atlasssian Products are Right for my Business?

Are you considering using the Atlassian toolset, but aren't sure which applications are best for your team or organization? Well I'm here to highlight some of...

3 min read

Tips for Being a Successful UAT Tester | Praecipio Consulting

User acceptance testing (UAT) is a critical practice to employ for a multitude of products and processes.  For the purpose of this article most of my examples...

3 min read

Insight, Atlassian's Digital Asset Management Tool | Praecipio Consulting

Previously, we looked at why digital asset management is important for your organization. Today, we're exploring Atlassian's solution for tracking your...

5 min read

Pros and Cons of a Cloud Migration | Praecipio Consulting

Thinking a move to cloud might be the way to go for your company, but you're not exactly sure if such a move is right for you? There are a few questions you...

2 min read

Can Scrum Masters have multiple roles on a team? | Praecipio Consulting

A question that I'm often asked is: Why have so many different roles on a scrum team? If a developer on a scrum team has the experience to act as the Scrum...

3 min read

What is Jira Align: A Primer | Praecipio Consulting

A couple of years ago, in Atlassian's annual flagship event formerly known as Summit and now known as Team, I was in a room full of people for two days...

3 min read

4 Things to Look Out for When Migrating to Atlassian Cloud | Praecipio Consulting

Migrating to cloud can be a challenging move for any organization: there are many moving pieces to keep track of, and with the threat of negatively affecting...

6 min read

Confluence, by Atlassian: Understanding the Software | Praecipio Consulting

If you've ever asked the question, "What is Atlassian Confluence?" you might have received one or more of the following common answers:

  • "It's a wiki."
  • "It's...
4 min read

What is a Portfolio in Jira Align? | Praecipio Consulting

Have you heard of Jira Align? I feel like we've told you about Jira Align. Maybe a few times. We here at Praecipio Consulting can't say enough about it. Its...

3 min read

Old Is New Again – Conversations Over Documentation | Praecipio Consulting

Imagine a world where businesses can concurrently develop next generation manufacturing processes while designing products based upon the as-yet-non-existent...

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