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3 min read

How Legal Teams Benefit from Enterprise Service Management

Corporate attorneys, paralegals, and legal teams bring tremendous business value to the organization. The nature of their work might be something of a mystery...

9 min read

How to Use Appfire's Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud Migration Tool

Recently, Atlassian announced their shift in focus to the cloud and the decommissioning of their server product. As a result, Atlassian customers are no...

5 min read

Why You Should be Using an Enterprise Service Management Tool

Enterprise Service Management solutions are beginning to make their way into every part of the organizational structure, breaking down silos and improving how...

4 min read

4 Cloud Migration Strategies: Their Pros and Cons

You have decided that moving to Cloud is the right decision for the future of your Atlassian products. Now, how do you go about doing so? Migrating to the...

4 min read

An Agile Approach to New Year's Resolutions

Happy (almost) New Year! Like most people, I was happy to close the door on 2020 and am ready to move past 2021. Thankfully, 2021 brought some relief, but...

3 min read

The Risks of Using a Data Center: Final Fantasy XIV

It’s not often my personal and professional contexts cross paths, so I feel the need to jump on it when it happens. Dominating video game news and social...

3 min read

Creating a Sprint in Jira

Jira is a great tool to help development teams manage their work. Because flexibility is one of many "flexes" (pun intended!) that Jira has, each Dev team can...

4 min read

ITSM, ESM, or SM? What is Service Management and How Can It Help?

There are many definitions and uses of the term Enterprise Service Management in our industry. It can be confusing but it's worth defining because Enterprise...

3 min read

Workato 101: Everything You Need to Know

Workato is a powerful iPaaS (Cloud-Based Integration Solution) tool that enables your organization to integrate your go-to applications and automate workflows...

3 min read

Jira vs. Confluence: Which is Right for Your Team?

Jira and Confluence are just two pieces of the Atlassian suite and they're some of the most recognizable tools for IT and business teams across all...

5 min read

How Spore-Infused Canola Oil Supports the Forest Ecosystem

Last year I switched to grocery store canola oil to lubricate my chainsaw bar. I add Oyster mushroom spores into the oil so that they are dispersed while I...

6 min read

How to Optimize Organizational Processes with Atlassian Tools

There are a multitude of technical optimizations you can implement to ensure your Atlassian tools are high-performing and provide maximum value. As a quick...

4 min read

5 Things to Look for in an Enterprise Service Management Tool

If you’ve seen the potential benefits of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) but are unsure whether your organization’s current ITSM tool is suitable for...

3 min read

7 Steps for a Painless SVN to Git Migration

Praecipio Consulting is frequently asked about migrating from various software version control systems to Git-centered tools such as Atlassian’s Bitbucket....

3 min read

Tips For Setting Up Effective Kanban Boards In Jira

Jira's Kanban boards are great tools for tracking the progress of work being done by teams and for gaining insights into opportunities. Boards are highly...

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