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Jira Align:
Training from Praecipio

You’ve likely seen a demo on Jira Align, or have tried to work with its powerful features yourself. But you need to learn how to harness it for your specific needs.

Explore and experience Jira Align firsthand with our hands-on workshop Modeling Strategy in Jira Align. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend this innovative agile training (on us)! 


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Go Beyond Demos: Model Strategy in Jira Align

Your organization has invested in a corporate strategy, so you have a solid, well-researched what and why. Now the real work begins: connecting that strategy to execution.

You're tasked with the details of how to make strategy a reality. Or worse, communicating to leadership that the strategy is not possible with the current environment, capabilities, and capacity.

In this three-hour workshop, learn the key elements of an implementable strategy: one that can be carried out at scale and is tied to financial goals. Then, explore ways to model strategy in Jira Align. 


Group Workflow



Team Puzzle



Get Hands-On Experience with Jira Align

Jira Align allows you to model strategy and tie it directly to your teams, but it's not a plug-and-play tool. That’s why we offer an introductory workshop to help you visualize how Jira Align can work for your organization.
  • “Can we execute our strategy with our current teams and environment?”
  • “Is each strategic objective tied to a financial goal?”
  • “What has to change before teams can successfully implement this strategy at scale?”
Leave with a better grasp on how Jira Align can help connect your organization’s strategy to execution.

Agenda for Modeling Strategy in Jira Align Workshop



  • You understand how your programs roll up to the overall business structure
  • You have purchased or are in the process of evaluating Jira Align for your organization





  • Introduction to Praecipio 
  • Introduction to Workshop Facilitators
  • Introduction from the audience

What is Enterprise Strategy?

  • Key Concepts
    • Defining Strategic Themes
    • How to write a Portfolio Epic
  • Breakout Exercise
    • Writing Effective Portfolio Epics
    • Determining Execution Timelines
    • Tying them to Themes
  • Discussion and Conversation
    • Breakout discussions
    • Sharing Key Learnings



Deciding what’s next

  • Key Concepts
    • Portfolio Kanban and Intake Process
    • Scoring 
    • Prioritization
  • Breakout Exercise
    • Defining Exit Criteria
    • Applying Scoring Methods
    • Determining Priority
  • Discussion and Conversation
    • Breakout Discussions
    • Sharing Key Learnings



Making the Connection

  • Key Concepts
    • Connecting Portfolio Epics to Features
    • Determining Programs and Increments
    • Writing an effective Feature
  • Breakout Exercise
    • Making the connection
    • Writing an effective Feature
    • What happens when you can’t make the connection to Strategy? 
  • Discussion and Conversation
    • Breakout Discussions
    • Sharing Key Learnings

Next Steps

  • Open Discussion: 
    • How will you apply this at your organization? 
    • What are your next steps? 


This means that we have the most experience working with Atlassian tools and have insight into new products, features, and beta testing. Through our profound knowledge of Atlassian environments and their intricacies, we can guide your organization as you navigate these important changes.