Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Praecipio Consulting and COVID-19

It's astonishing how much and how fast the world has changed. We hope you and yours are well.

Praecipio Consulting is closely monitoring and working through the challenges of the Coronavirus (COVID -19) situation to ensure our clients, employees, families, and friends are as safe and secure as possible.

Health and Safety First for Everyone

We are currently operating 100% from home and have asked our employees to follow all local and regional safety and protection protocols. Luckily for us, remote work and work-from-home is the norm. In addition, we are supporting any personal impacts to our team including family or childcare demands, medical support, and any other issues that arise from this dynamic pandemic event.

We are prepared and ready to help

Praecipio Consulting understands many of the challenges you and your organization might be going through while trying to suddenly manage and support remote teams. As a consultancy, we have always operated under the notion that our backpack is our office, and where we work is not impactful to how we perform. We have advised many clients on how to improve remote working through better team collaboration and alignment, Agile Process definition, software development, IT Service Management, Enterprise Service Management, and more.

Keep Moving Forward

The healthiest way to maintain forward momentum is to focus in our businesses and take advantage of these highly digital and connected times by leveraging remote capabilities to maximize organizational collaboration; thus maximizing team management and effectiveness. Praecipio Consulting is here to support you and your organization during these tenuous times. All of our Hosting, Managed Services, Services Delivery, License, Training and Sales teams are available to assist.

In the days to come, we will continue devoting all necessary resources to help ensure personal safety while maintaining all of the services you count on. Thank you for being a valued client and please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Stay Safe,
Praecipio Consulting

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