Achieve Enterprise Intelligence in the Cloud

October 10, 2023
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Lindsey Norman
Lindsey Norman is a Solutions Architect who is deeply experienced in supporting strategic enterprise portfolio management, risk management, and the software delivery lifecycle within various Agile frameworks. She is Atlassian Accredited with extensive experience leading mission critical solutions, implementations, and optimizations.
Steven Kling, Appfire
Steven Kling is the Sr. Director of Platform at Appfire and has more than 28 years of tech industry experience and a decade in solutions consulting and app development in the Atlassian ecosystem.

Avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent data by aligning your people and processes.

Key Learning Objectives
  • Get better data, faster when your people and methodologies work in harmony
  • Learn how your Atlassian suite can support you at the Enterprise-level, not just the team-level
  • Hear from a special guest at Appfire on how standardizing their Atlassian suite has supported their Enterprise Portfolio Management efforts

Don't miss out on your opportunity to hear from Praecipio's Sr. Solutions Architect, Lindsey Norman, on why cleaning house post-migration promotes a synchronized tech stack and polished, reliable data output.

While the hosting benefits are a plus, Cloud migrations are also an opportunity to optimize your processes and harmonize your operations -- even after you've migrated. Learn more about how Enterprise Process Management strategies help keep your instance running smoothly, and why optimizing and maintaining those processes can heavily impact the quality of your data.

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