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Leveling up: Lean Portfolio Management with Jira Align


Strategically Aligning Execution with Investments

Your organization has implemented Jira Align across several programs and things are going well. Your programs are cadenced and synchronized, your business stakeholders are well-informed, and you can communicate clear roadmaps to customers. But how are you tying execution back to your strategic investments? Can you provide a clear roadmap of what's in progress and what's next? How can you facilitate Lean-Agile principles at scale? 

If you're asking these questions, get answers from Amanda Babb in this webinar. Amanda has worked closely with Atlassian to develop Praecipio's Jira Align practice, and discusses how Jira Align Enterprise provides SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management support, including alignment to strategic themes, investment horizons, portfolio financials, and extensive reporting for executive management. 


Principal Solutions Architect