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Private cloud hosting for the Atlassian suite


At Praecipio Consulting, we are committed to designing and implementing business solutions that add value to organizations and empower teams to deliver world-class results. One of the solutions that we offer to help our clients become more agile is through our hosting services. Our hosting services leverage the power of Atlassian applications to maximize performance while optimizing costs, streamlining fundamental processes, and improving overall operational efficiency.


Cumulus Cloud Hosting

Cumulus Cloud is our comprehensive hosting solution that provides a scalable environment to accommodate peak performance and high-availability of applications that are vital to the Software Development Lifecycle, as well as overall business operations.


Benefits of Hosting

3_VirtualClassroom copy 2Through decades of experience serving as a strategic partner to companies of all different sizes and in a wide range of industries, integrated with our knowledge of innovative technologies and proven best practices, we help you create and manage a robust cloud solution that enables your organization to achieve more. In addition to leveraging our relationships with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other best-in-class technology vendors, our hosting delivers server and data center editions of Confluence, Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Bitbucket, and Bamboo. 

Praecipio Consulting tailors our hosting solutions to deliver the most reliable, scalable, and agile cloud infrastructure to our clients. With our hosting services, Praecipio Consulting becomes an extension of your IT operations that oversees your cloud infrastructure and management. We free up your resources so that they can operate better and faster, all while driving business results and increasing ROI. Take full advantage of the benefits that hosting brings when powered by Cumulus Cloud:


Benefits of Hosting

Cumulus Cloud Capabilities

Maximized Performance

Our hosting infrastructure ensures that your Atlassian applications have the utmost availability and highest functionality.

Cost Efficiency

Relieves administrative overhead by eliminating the need to have a full-time staff dedicated to system performance and monitoring. This is in addition to the hardware costs of internal hosting.

Access to Expertise & Insight

Tap into the comprehensive knowledge base of our support team from years of experience and best practices learned from working with cloud environments across various industries, including leading Fortune 5 enterprises.

Data Protection & Security Compliance

Rest assured your data is protected in our safe and secure Cumulus hosting environment, in addition to ensuring compliance to security and privacy requirements.

Best-in-Class Monitoring

Our hosting services include 24/7 system monitoring of application performance and problem areas to ensure minimized downtime and business impact, as well as proactively identifying and resolving issues before critical failure occurs.

Increased Time & Resources

Cumulus hosting includes routine maintenance and upgrades that are required to keep your network performing optimally, which frees up your resources to focus on more important tasks.   

Enhanced Agility

Cumulus Cloud is a flexible environment that allows you to scale your infrastructure and applications as your organization evolves and adapts to changing customer needs.  

Improved User Experience

Cumulus allows the highest level of performance from your software, which creates an exceptional user experience. This results in driving technology adoption and expanded use, and increased productivity among teams.  

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Atlassian Managed Hosting

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