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Custom Development

Get exactly what you need from your tech stack

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Enhance out-of-the-box capabilities

Our Custom Development services bring you additional needed functionality for your Atlassian products. Praecipio Consulting provided Custom Development solutions for companies needing everything from custom Jira field readers to applications allowing the communication of new and legacy software. Get functionality tailored to your needs with our Custom Development solutions.



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Get functionality specific to your needs with our Custom Development services.

Our agile product development ensures a solution that fits your requirements by seeking input from stakeholders throughout the development process.


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Platinum level Atlassian deployment

We bring our deep knowledge of the Atlassian JDK, including in the development of our own add-ons, and seasoned expertise to how we approach custom development for clients.


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Full-spectrum code expertise

Our subject matter expert development team leverages the best-suited programming language for the job, delivering solutions to meet your needs.


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Praecipio Consulting is an Atlassian Platinum Partner

This means that we have the most experience working with Atlassian tools and have insight into new products, features, and beta testing. Through our profound knowledge of Atlassian environments and their intricacies, we can guide your organization as you navigate these important changes.


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