Agile Transformation


What is Agile Transformation?

Agile Transformation is the evolution process an organization undergoes in order to deliver better, faster solutions while adapting to the constant change of an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment. The Agile framework enables businesses to embrace a mindset of continuous improvement and achieve high performance through:

  • Self-organizing teams working in short cycles based on constant feedback
  • Cultivation of a deep passion for creating value for the customer, and
  • Cross-functional collaboration within an interactive network

Agile, which began as a set of management principles for software development derived from the Agile Manifesto (2001), quickly developed into a worldwide movement that expands beyond just software. It is now a flexible, adaptive methodology that companies of all sizes apply to every component of the organization: people, processes, governance, culture, leadership, and technology.

Our experienced consultants at Praecipio Consulting help companies transition to Agile and scaled Agile frameworks (SAFe) by establishing the best practices and tools suited to foster collaboration and create exceptional customer experiences. Ultimately, our approach empowers organizations to achieve a successful Agile transformation in a sustainable and scalable manner, which drives business performance and propels our clients to be disruptive, innovative leaders in their industries.


Agile Business Transformation

As Agile is team-oriented, organizations must first master Agile best practices at the team level in order to scale the framework to the rest of the company. No one person or team is more important than any other, and instead of a traditional bureaucratic structure, Agile teams work collectively and cross-functionally towards the common goal of creating value for the customer.

At Praecipio Consulting, we leverage our extensive experience of working with teams across the entire organization (HR, Legal, Marketing, Finance, IT, etc.), combined with our knowledge of tools and applications to enable a smooth Agile transformation. We serve our clients by successfully implementing a scaled Agile Framework among all teams so that it becomes an inherent part of their everyday workflow and, eventually, the organizational culture. Our team's expertise in Jira Align is unmatched. 


Agile Enterprise Transformation

Even though Agile is enabled by technology, the transformation itself is driven by the flexibility of the framework and the fact that it permeates all components of a business. When undergoing an Agile transformation, an organization must reconfigure everything—strategy, processes, governance, teams, and work culture. 

Praecipio Consulting specializes in robust, easy-to-use Atlassian tools—such as Jira Software and Confluence in support of Scrum and Kanban—as well as business process methodologies to empower our clients to seamlessly integrate and scale Agile into all parts of the enterprise—from people, to processes, to technology. 

The Agile transformation is more than just a project or an initiative that has an endpoint; it is a journey that involves the constant evolution of all the moving parts that make up an organization. Utilizing Jira Align at Praecipio Consulting, we help our clients conquer this journey so that they can deliver value to customers, drive business results, and innovate in their respective industries.

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