A leader in the rail technology space, our client needed a way to host their Atlassian products without bearing the burden of infrastructure themselves. Wanting a solution for not only the cost of hardware but also the maintenance around server upkeep and application management, they realized they needed a provider who could get them the ROI they needed for hosting as well as someone with the expertise to own the maintenance of their Atlassian tools. Turning to us for help, we provided Managed Hosting to deliver this value and allow them the freedom to take hosting off their proverbial plate, allowing them more time and resources to focus on their core competencies as a business.

The Challenge

Our client's previous hosting solution was not providing the ROI they needed. While their Atlassian applications were being hosted by an outside provider, our client was still responsible for managing their own hosts and application stack. Additionally, their previous hosting provider was slow to respond to issues raised by the client. They experienced significant performance and stability issues along with frequent outages and loss of service, making their use of and work in the Atlassian tools unreliable. Our client realized this situation was untenable and reached out to us for help.

The Solution

We worked alongside our client's subject matter experts to fully understand their Atlassian use and configuration to ensure a robust managed hosting solution. Before migrating their applications to Cumulus, our cloud hosting optimized for the Atlassian suite, we built out hosts sized for our client's instances and requirements. This included setting up site to site VPN connection, firewall and load balancer rules, SSL certificate placement, and finally DNS changes from their old hosting vendor to Cumulus. Once their Cumulus environment was optimized for their needs, we successfully executed a smooth atomic cutover of their systems.

The Results

Our clients experienced immediate improvements in their Atlassian tools, once migrated to our managed hosting solution. Performance and stability of systems were fully achieved, and our client noted the significant decrease in daily tasks previously performed around upkeep and troubleshooting of their old hosting solution. Now, with a managed hosting solution that gives them full functionality without all the work, our client can focus on their core competencies again as we continue to maintain their hosted Atlassian applications. 

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