When one of the country's largest independent fuel marketers standardized on Atlassian in 2014, knowledge and ownership of the software was disconnected. Though they had a suite of tools including Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, Bamboo, and Stash, they realized that they weren't seeing the true return on their technology investment. Seeking our expertise, we conducted a gap analysis to assess the state of our client's Atlassian tools and provide recommendations for overcoming issues within their software and processes. Working closely with their invested subject matter experts, we helped them gain a vision and roadmap for how Atlassian maps to their teams' daily processes to remove productivity blockers and add value to their software.

The Challenge

A part of the lack of ownership we saw in the client's organization stemmed from knowledge gaps around the Atlassian stack. It was necessary to identify and more deliberately utilize these people to manage the continued maintenance and adoption of the software. While our client had done well introducing the tools to the organization at an introductory level, they needed guidance on taking their usage to a more proficient level. We found that many repeatable processes were still done manually, creating unnecessary cycles and taking significant resource time to execute, including their asset management in Jira. Though our client had the right tools in place, they required our assistance making their software reflect their processes in a more efficient way.

The Solution

Our Atlassian experts worked with the client to provide analysis of current tools and processes, as well as recommendations to help them achieve the level of performance they sought in their applications. Identifying the repeatable processes executed by our client, we configured these steps in the Atlassian tools, automating steps in the development lifecycle for increased efficiency. Leveraging Bob Swift's Create on Transition add-on with Jira Software, our experts gave the client back resource time previously spent manually performing steps in their workflow. We also recommended additional tools to further accelerate their processes, such as Tempo Timesheets. To continue encouraging adoption and growth of expertise in Atlassian across teams, we advised our client to make training a priority. With this roadmap, our client received the expert validation they need to maximize their processes as they standardize the company on the Atlassian stack.

The Results

With our analysis and recommendations, our client is ready to more efficiently utilize their Atlassian applications to automate and accelerate processes across their company. By configuring the software to reflect their workflow and leveraging additional add-ons and training, our client gains the tools necessary to increase throughput and see an exponential return on their technology investment. Our client had the right software- and now they have the right processes to support them for accelerated workflow. Working with us, our client got not only the roadmap, but also the validation they needed to standardize their Atlassian processes in a sustainable, measurable, and profitable way.

Learn how we helped our client gain greater visibility into their team's daily processes and utilize the Atlassian tools in a way that automated and accelerated company-wide processes.

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