In the growing field of digital transaction management, good technology and best practices are paramount. Over 100,000 companies worldwide rely on efficient, secure product capabilities, and our client required a scalable software solution that met their project tracking needs. Our client engaged Praecipio Consulting to implement Jira Software to provide robust functionality and process optimization, including integration with existing platforms and product training. With Praecipio Consulting, our client gained the tools and abilities needed to continue serving a worldwide community, from individual users to Fortune 500 companies, with on-going success.

The Challenge

Our client leads the industry in digital transaction management, leveraging technology to increase efficiency and improve processes. However, their former issue and project tracking software products created inefficiencies as they were unable to scale with the growth of the organization. With 40,000 new users, every day, bottlenecks and cluttered processes were unaffordable. In need of more robust tools with the ability to scale and integrate with existing technology, our client engaged Praecipio Consulting to implement Jira Software. Using our tried-and-true methodology, we maximized workflow functionality and brought best practices to their product development teams, creating organization-wide excitement around the Atlassian product suite and leading to future adoption of additional products. Our client's needs included:

    • Standardization across version control systems and repository management systems
    • Transparency across disparate teams
    • Customization of SDLC workflows across teams
    • Normalization of processes for cross-team collaboration
    • Continuous integration and scalability of tools

The Solution

Our client chose Praecipio Consulting after being referred by a technical and software consulting firm. Using our time-tested, process-centric methodology, we provided our client with a scalable solution with optimized functionality and processes. Our engagement also included:

  • Initial Process Discovery, Consultation, and Roadmap
  • Normalization of Processes in Agile Implementation
  • Product Training on Jira Software
  • Iterative Jira and Jira Software Configuration, Implementation, and Managed Services

We met with stakeholders during the discovery phase to gather requirements and determine points of customization and integration. Specific needs around customer service and product management were identified, resulting in customized workflows and dashboards to track case and change management and bring traceability across teams. Integration with our client's existing portfolio management software was scoped and we spoke with the software company to ensure seamless integration. Additionally, discussions around data migration from their current products to Jira informed requirements of our implementation process. Following a thorough, two-week discovery, we offered our clients a solution that would deliver the desired customization, functionality, and scalability to increase processes and mitigate bottlenecks in their workflow.

After identifying our client's points of stress within their current software solutions and workflows, Praecipio Consulting offered a solution that leveraged robust project planning and tracking products. Our consultants recommended customized options in Jira Software, including priorities and project role fields to more accurately reflect their desired workflow and optimize processes. The product team required multiple workflows to define their work while the platform team uses a traditional Service Request and Waterfall-like SDLC approach with SVN as their code repository. Integration with Salesforce, our client's existing customer relationship management, was paramount to provide the necessary connection between the requests made by customers via the CRM and the activities in Jira to deliver them.

Leveraging an iterative approach, our consultants regularly met with subject matter experts within the organization to ensure satisfaction with configuration plans. In order to integrate Jira with our client's existing Salesforce instance, we identified connector plugins and made recommendations to our client to enhance functionality and increase their return on the software. We provided guidance around API functions and integration points to assist our client in creating their own custom add-on. Additionally, our consultants developed a custom add-on for use during migration of legacy data from Targetprocess to Jira. After thorough process mapping and requirements gathering, we developed a solution to track activity and streamline processes across product lines.

After thorough planning in the development phase, go-live came together seamlessly as our client leveraged our managed services to receive instant support during the migration process. We provided our client the flexibility in selecting go-live dates for each team to roll-out Jira Software using best practices. The products were successfully implemented with legacy data cleanly and efficiently migrated.

Our Atlassian expert consultants provided multiple training courses in Jira Software, holding sessions across teams and at varying user and experience levels. Customized for the needs of each team, our Atlassian training gave every user, from engineers to salespeople, the information they required for an enthusiastic adoption. Following training, our client continues to leverage our Jira Software hosting and Managed Services for ongoing support for their instances.

The Result

Engaging with our client allowed us to provide streamlined processes across products and teams, increasing traceability to track and prioritize work. Our client gained tools with robust functionality and scalability, maximizing efficiency with customized workflows.

By implementing Jira Software, our client received full functionality and indefinite scalability for future company growth. In addition to configuring their Jira Software instances, we also provided customized workflows to eliminate bottlenecks and maximize processes. Our client gained the ability to track defects to specific cases to see business affected and inform the prioritizing of the defect backlog. Thorough planning and requirements gathering lead to a successful migration with the use of custom add-ons and our API consulting. Providing extensive training in Jira Software, our client gained enthusiastic adopters as we modeled workflows, administration and customization, encouraging team ownership over their processes.

We continue to offer support for all of our client's changing needs through our Jira Software hosting and Managed Services and have re-engaged to implement and customize Confluence for a more robust toolset. With Praecipio Consulting, our client gained the ability to track the needs of their growing customer base with products and processes that scale for future growth.

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