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Crocs Kicks Up Customer Experience & Innovation with Jira Software and Jira Service Management

May 31, 2022
  • COMPANY: Crocs
  • INDUSTRY: Footwear
  • LOCATION: Broomfield, CO
  • SOLUTIONS: Jira Service Management Implementation, Jira Implementation


It’s rare to see a shoe brand disrupt the market the way Crocs has. Over the years, Crocs has introduced lean manufacturing, data analytics, and a robust e-commerce system in its ongoing quest to innovate comfort technologies and the customer experience. Additionally, Crocs deployed Atlassian software across its web services and e-commerce teams with the goal of enhancing internal operations, collaboration, and growth.

The Crocs team partnered with Praecipio to implement Jira Software for operations management and deploy Jira Service Management for its project intake needs based on our recommendation.


As is typical with DIY enterprise software deployments, Crocs quickly stumbled upon Jira workflow inconsistencies and configuration challenges across different teams.

Led by internal advocates, the initial Jira implementation at Crocs resulted in conflicting workflows and configurations. Team members introduced their own Jira practices, and management grappled with growing resistance. From product development to project management and other teams, everyone was uncertain how teams could work best together in Jira. 

Praecipio took the implementation back to the drawing board. We started by identifying the unique requirements across all business functions. Then, based on our assessment, we worked with each team to standardize custom fields, issue types, and other project configurations while setting up the proper workflows to replicate current processes. It was also essential to accommodate customer support teams on Salesforce and teams that manage special product initiatives.

After the implementation, Crocs was able to align their Jira workflows and standardize project management.


Innovation-driven businesses understand the importance of building competitive advantage through their software tools. This means going beyond out-of-the-box solutions to innovate, automate, and scale solutions that enhance organizational agility.

Beyond Jira Software, we saw the potential to further enhance Crocs’ innovation workflows with Jira Service Management. Previously, Crocs used a Google form to provide a product-intake channel where anyone on the team could submit innovation ideas or report bugs.The product manager would then review these inputs and create Jira tickets for development. However, this manual submission-acceptance process slowed teams down and left no room for innovation. 

Praecipio's team replaced Crocs’ Google form with a more powerful ticketing system built using Jira Service Management. To reduce friction between ideation and development, we enabled auto-triage of Service Management requests. All tickets were instead routed to the appropriate assignee based upon request types. As a result, there’s no need to assign tickets in Jira manually, and project managers can easily track and ensure accurate statements of work.


Praecipio Consulting helped Crocs deploy Jira Software and Jira Service Management in less than two months. Following the implementation, we assisted Crocs in driving successful adoption through our Modern Service Management offering, including user training, governance, and ongoing health checks.

After the engagement, Crocs was thrilled to have a robust system that enabled innovation and allowed their teams to focus on the work that matters most.

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This case study was provided by the 6kites team, which Praecipio acquired in 2022. To learn more about the acquisition, check out our press release.

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