Advanced Energy, a global power solutions leader, wanted to migrate from its legacy project management system to Jira Cloud (which would eventually become their corporate instance) to accelerate their business transformation. Since beginning its business transformation journey, the energy organization had also completed multiple acquisitions (rapidly growing from 500 to over 12,0000 employees) and needed support with merging processes and technologies. 

Praecipio Consulting worked closely with Advanced Energy to successfully migrate their legacy system to Jira Cloud and also migrate Jira instances from acquired companies into Jira Cloud, which served as their corporate instance. Additionally, we helped their teams establish strategic governance for their Atlassian Platform and provided training and support to end users. 

Bringing everyone together on a single instance

Here is a familiar story we have seen with growing organizations: the development team decides to go rogue and deploy Jira Software. IT sees the benefits of following suit and wants to consolidate everyone on the corporate instance. So how do they migrate from legacy systems, accommodate the needs of the development team, and define a roadmap that supports growth initiatives?

This is where Praecipio Consulting comes in. Advanced Energy needed help to effectively manage the transition from their legacy software to Jira Cloud, so they brought on a trusted Atlassian Solution Partner to guide the company through these critical processes and set them up for success.

An effective migration is often the first step in a successful business transformation journey. However, if not planned and managed correctly, migrations can cause all kinds of problems for the business and IT team, including lost data and attachments, broken workflows, integrations and add-ons that stop working, and user resistance.

Praecipio Consulting’s migration consultants worked with stakeholders across diverse business teams at Advanced Energy to gather the new, unified corporate Jira instance requirements. We  completed a comprehensive assessment, developed a migration strategy to ensure a successful transition, and designed a roadmap to support the business’ long-term needs.

Powering rapid growth in Jira Cloud

After completing the migration, we partnered with Advanced Energy’s IT team to provide additional support, maintenance, and governance for its growing Jira instance that went from 500 to 12,000 users thanks to a series of acquisitions. 

As a strategic partner, Praecipio Consulting provided ongoing guidance and technical resources to support the company’s rapid growth in Jira Cloud. Since the initial migration, we’ve migrated multiple acquisitions (from Server and Cloud) into the corporate instance and continue to provide Managed Services. In addition, Praecipio Consulting’s Atlassian training and workshops have helped Advanced Energy teams get the most out of their Atlassian Platform. 

This case study was provided by the 6kites team, which Praecipio Consulting acquired in 2022. To learn more about the acquisition, check out our press release: Praecipio Consulting Completes Acquisition of 6kites





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