Do Goodari

“It’s not enough to just do good work... we want our company to do good in the world."

- Christopher Pepe, Partner


Praecipio Consulting's Global Climate Crisis Response Plan

Pivot. Pivot fast.

A monumental, existential crisis that affects every community and every living person is climate change. We don't have the luxury of time. At Praecipio Consulting, we make evidence-based, environmentally-conscience decisions in business and everything we do within the realm of our business. Going back to our beginnings, we adopted environmentally-friendly policies to ensure we make the right decisions at every opportunity. Day-in and day-out we are consciously encouraging and leading the way in making the right choices to reduce our overall carbon footprint. But the time for more action is now.

As a business and as individual citizens, we decided that it was our responsibility to quickly pivot into action and lean-in to the scientific community’s consensus. By the end of 2020, Praecipio Consulting will be a carbon neutral business. The following describes the pillars of our Global Climate Crisis Response Plan.

  • Travel Reduction

  • Expand Work from Home/Remote; Work from office optional

  • Lead the way

  • Reverse Course

  • Community Engagement


Pledge 1%

From its inception, Praecipio Consulting intentionally created its corporate culture with the sentiment behind the words “Do good” in mind — and heart. While building and managing a successful company was always an essential goal, having a positive impact on the community in which we live and work was also key to achieving our aspirations. Corporate or not, we wanted to be good neighbors. 

In 2015, we heard of a movement to build corporate philanthropy called Pledge 1%. Since our pledge, Praecipio Consulting has been an active member of the mission-driven non-profit and we have pledged in the following ways: 


Choosing to Do Good

There are many charitable organizations operating all over the world, making tremendous impacts every day, and contributing their part of simply - doing good. Choosing which cause or non-profit to support can be a tough decision. However, our criteria really came down to two things:

  • Choosing causes that are near and dear to our employees’ hearts and;

  • Choosing local organizations (or local branches of national organizations) that allow us to directly support our community at-large.


Committed to Do Good

Since we began our commitment to Pledge 1%—just three short years ago, Praecipio Consulting has donated and volunteered resources to a variety of charitable causes, including the Flatwater FoundationColorado River cleanuphonoring veterans; and volunteering at an orphanage in Nicaragua


Photo of group clean upPhoto of Joseph & kids in NicaraguaVets