Plan Your Cloud Migration With Confidence 

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Reduced cost of ownership, greater agility, scalability, and the need for remote work capabilities are just some of the reasons why organizations are switching to cloud. And now with a global pandemic and continued uncertainty, organizations are expediting their enterprise resource planning to include a move to cloud in order to leverage its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. However, moving workloads to cloud is easier said than done, and companies need the confidence that this is the right decision for their organization, as well as the right expertise to guide and support them in their cloud journey.

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Myth: The production migration is the main event.

Truth: Planning, preparing, and onboarding represent the biggest parts of migration and have the greatest impact on migration success

It can take enterprise customers six months or more to migrate to the cloud, especially if they are consolidating multiple instances or have a large number of apps installed. Most of the work involved in migration takes place before the migration, as organizations prepare for the move, and after the migration, as users adjust to the new system.

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