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Connecting the Hootsuite Platform into Salesforce Cloud with a Custom Software & Integration Solution

May 31, 2022


Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, was founded in 2008 with the purpose of helping people connect and do amazing things together. Today, the Hootsuite platform is trusted by more than 18 million customers worldwide, including over 80% of the Fortune 1000.

Since 2012, Hootsuite has counted on Praecipio to build custom software and integrations that bring new capabilities to Hootsuite customers and extend the company’s software into other market-leading platforms, including Adobe, Atlassian, IBM, Marketo, Sprinklr, and Salesforce. As a trusted partner, Praecipio gave Hootsuite greater capacity to execute strategic initiatives, extend the capabilities of its software, and meet unique customer requirements.


Connections are more important than ever, especially within an enterprise where business leaders are looking to bring their teams and tools together by integrating platforms.

In 2019, Hootsuite’s sales team was pursuing an opportunity with one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. Although the prospect’s marketing team preferred Hootsuite’s platform, the organization wanted a solution that would integrate seamlessly with its Salesforce CRM and allow social information to be attached to cases and contacts.

To win the opportunity, Hootsuite needed a custom integration that could send social mentions to Salesforce, attach them to an existing case or create a new one, and allow public or private replies directly from Salesforce. Adding to the challenge, the prospect had a heavily customized Salesforce deployment with a plethora of custom fields and field types representing hundreds of thousands of products.

Ultimately, the integration needed to do more than just move data between systems. It needed to recreate the Hootsuite user experience inside of Salesforce, while also addressing complexities like authentication and administration.


Given the strategic importance of the integration, Hootsuite needed a trusted partner who knew the platform inside-out and could quickly architect and build a solution that would win the prospect’s confidence and business.

With an initial timeline of just two weeks, Praecipio's software development team partnered closely with Hootsuite’s sales and product teams, along with the prospect’s Salesforce consultants, to  design and develop a custom solution that fully integrates Hootsuite with Salesforce.

Using our exceptional software development methodology, Praecipio's software architects built a long-term roadmap for the integration that would enable it to become a standard, reusable component for other Hootsuite customers. We also worked with the customer on acceptance testing and provided support, hosting and monitoring of this custom solution. 

Now, the customer’s teams are able to use Hootsuite’s powerful social media management capabilities within Salesforce and enrich CRM records with data from across social networks. Meanwhile, Hootsuite was able to win a valuable opportunity and has since extended the integration to other customers who need to connect their Salesforce and Hootsuite platforms.

This case study was provided by the 6kites team, which Praecipio acquired in 2022. To learn more about the acquisition, check out our press release.

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