Support SLA


Expert support when you need it most

Praecipio Consulting will provide the following response times for application level support within the hours of support coverage:

  • Urgent (Priority 1) – 1 hour
  • High (Priority 2) – 4 hours
  • Medium (Priority 3) – 16 hours
  • Low (Priority 4) – 24 hours

Response time begins when Praecipio Consulting has been notified of the occurrence and during the hours of support coverage. The definition of priority levels in support tickets are as follows:

Urgent (Priority 1) — the problem results in extremely serious interruptions to a production system. It has affected, or could affect, the entire user community. Tasks that should be executed immediately cannot be executed because of a complete crash of the system or interruptions in main functions of the production system. Data integrity is compromised and the service request requires immediate processing as the issue can result in financial losses.

High (Priority 2) — the problem causes interruptions in normal operations. It does not prevent operation of a production system, or there could be minor degradation in performance. The error is attributed to malfunctioning or incorrect behavior of the software.

Medium (Priority 3) — application administration needs (minor business impact). This includes items like password resets, user account creation, etc.

Low (Priority 4) — request results in minimal or no interruptions to normal operations (no business impact). The issue consists of "how to" questions including issues related to APIs and integration, installation and configuration inquiries, enhancement requests, or documentation questions.