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Software That Scales at the Speed of Your Business

From ideation and strategy to delivery of a fully-integrated solution, Praecipio builds high-quality custom software that addresses your most complex challenges and enables meaningful business impact. Leveraging decades of combined experience and industry-leading partnerships, our award-winning software team designs innovative solutions that scale with your business and deliver value faster to customers.


Helping the World’s Leading Brands Innovate


Custom Development

Whether you’re integrating existing systems or building a fully-managed custom application, we’re up to the challenge. Praecipio combines purpose-driven process methodologies with our expertise in category-leading platforms to deliver scalable, cloud-first software solutions on time and on budget.



Build a unified system that empowers your team to connect and collaborate effortlessly.

Rapid Prototyping

Gain stakeholder buy-in with our iterative process that provides proof-of-concept before committing to the build.

App Modernization

Modernize your legacy tools to retain top talent and increase productivity.

Project Managers

A Unified System That Empowers Your Teams

Praecipio builds integrations that drive enterprise agility by connecting your teams, processes, and technology. Backed by decades of experience optimizing technology platforms and APIs for innovation-driven companies, we help you break down silos, keep work flowing and empower your teams to focus on the work that matters most.


Cloud-First Development

Is your organization on the journey to a cloud-first future? In addition to replicating your mission-critical, on-prem capabilities, Praecipio develops custom integrations to support your unique cloud instance and enable next-level productivity and innovation. 

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Praecipio Brings It All Together

Platform Expertise

We take pride in knowing the ins and outs of our platform partners’ software better than anyone else.

Integration Expertise

Unique configurations, authentication, analytics, and more – we know what it takes to build great integrations.

Agile Expertise

We combine our integration expertise with our Agile methodologies to accelerate your deployment.


Rapid Prototyping

Praecipio’s rapid prototyping provides a fast and cost-effective way to build, test, and bring your digital products to life. Through our iterative process based on user feedback, we help you understand the challenges of implementing your ideas, provide proof-of-concept for gaining stakeholder buy-in, and accelerate product innovation.

Benefits of a Prototype

  Reduce time to market based on iterative feedback
  Minimize risk by uncovering issues early in the process
  Validate key user journeys before investing
  Understand requirements and resource allocation
  Simulate user experience and identify areas for improvement
  Engage stakeholders by demonstrating the product vision

Types of Prototype

Low-Fidelity Prototype

Clickable wireframes to simulate core functionalities, demonstrate how the app works for users, and provide guidance on system interactivity and design features.

High-Fidelity Prototype

Similar to a low-fidelity prototype, but brings design elements to life and provides a tangible representation of the finished product.

Rapid Application Prototyping

A semi-functional prototype that’s focused on testing feasibility and high-risk features within a subset of core functionalities. This involves more on the backend than the user interface.

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Application Modernization

Are your legacy systems and outdated software holding your teams back? Praecipio’s application modernization enables organizations to reduce technical debt, strengthen security, minimize risk, and deliver an exceptional user experience.

With our deep process and technical expertise, achieve a high-performing environment so your teams can focus on initiatives that move your business forward.

Why Is Modernization Important? 

  Increase productivity and retain top talent
  Strengthen your security position and improve stability
  Leverage modern technologies, patterns, and tools
  Reduce technical debt
  Improve the customer experience
  Integrate new technologies with ease

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Build You a Truly Connected Enterprise

Through a combination of Atlassian, Software, DevOps, and Agile capabilities, Praecipio delivers proven value that goes beyond product expertise. By leveraging the Atlassian platform and our suite of enterprise-level solutions, we create a seamless connection between your people, process, and technology.


Bring Your Ideas to Life

Take your plans to the next level with a custom software solution from Praecipio. Start your journey today.