Scaled Agile Approach - Atlassian Jira Align or Portfolio for Jira?



Which Atlassian solution is right for you and your team? There are many things to consider when evaluating two very strong Agile tools. This webinar is presented by Praecipio Consulting's Principal Consultant Brian Nye, a SAFe Program Consultant and a Certified Scrum Master. He's worked extensively with enterprise clients to help them realize their agile journey utilizing the Atlassian stack. He also recently attended Atlasssian's Jira Align bootcamp - an event that provides insight to the product capabilities - and gave Brian a deep understanding of how the tool can be successfully implemented with enterprise organizations who require a scaled agile approach. Join our webinar to learn more about both Jira Align and Portfolio for Jira and gain insights on which solution is best for you.