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With security at the forefront of technology users' minds, Praecipio Consulting delivers the Secure Content Block 1.9 to the Atlassian Marketplace. The popular Confluence macro allows users to encrypt data using a content block with permission setting capabilities to allow for viewing and editing rights. For the 1.9 release, UX was a top priority for partner, Christopher Pepe, and his development team. "We wanted to make this release of Secure Content easier to use, which included giving it more of a Confluence look and feel to increase intuitiveness of the macro." 

The impetus to create Secure Content Block 1.9 came from a crossroads of innovation and blockers. Secure Content Block, which first began as an internal Praecipio Consulting Hack-a-thon project, became the first Praecipio Consulting offering on the Atlassian Marketplace, setting the pace for future productized add-ons from the expert company. With its powerful functionality, Secure Content Block is a macro users rely on for encryption of their most sensitive information- and then it broke. With the release of Confluence 5.9, the maco lost functionality and the team had to quickly address issues. "Thankfully we have a deep bench of expertise, so we were able to resolve issues quickly," says Pepe. "But it definitely gave us some insight into what a new release of Secure Content would require." 

Not only does Secure Content Block 1.9 return the functionality users know and love from the macro, with increased UX, but it also sets the stage for the next iteration of the add-on. "We're already working towards 2.0. This version has some great stuff, making it the perfect launchpad for the next release." 

Praecipio Consulting continues to increase offerings, both products and services, around security to meet the growing enterprise organizations. From Secure Content Block 1.9 to custom built add-ons to maximize information security, Praecipio Consulting helps you keep your business safe. Contact Praecipio Consulting to learn more about Secure Content Block 1.9 and how your company can increase your security.

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