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Leading up to Atlassian's European Summit, Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solutions Partner, Praecipio Consulting has further solidified their industry presence as an ITSM and DevOps solutions provider with their newly minted partnerships with BigPanda, xMatters, Workato, Splunk, Puppet, and Riada. These complimentary technologies to Atlassian are key players in the IT Service Management and DevOps spaces. Their innovative products not only integrate with the Atlassian suite but empower businesses to address incidents (both internal and client-facing) in record-breaking mean time to resolution. Serving a client base who leverages Atlassian applications for ITSM and DevOps, Praecipio Consulting forms this strategic partnership with BigPanda, xMatters, Workato, and Riada to further solidify their presence as solutions providers in these spaces.

"BigPanda, xMatters, Workato, Splunk, Puppet, and Riada compliment the Atlassian products to support best practices across ITSM, ITOM, and DevOps practices," says Praecipio Consulting Founding Partner, Christian Lane. "By implementing these products alongside Atlassian, we're providing a competitive solution for those who require best-in-class IT Service Management and DevOps. With JIRA as the ultimate system of record, companies can now integrate with: xMatters for instant communication, BigPanda for up to 99% incident consolidation, Riada's Insight and Insight Discovery for a CMDB, and Workato for overall integration and process orchestration. This saves companies hundreds of hours a year, and (in turn) helps businesses avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars on costly outages. We're thrilled to now offer this unparalleled solution to our clients."

Bryant Lee, Head of Product Partnerships and Integrations for Atlassian, is equally excited about this solution, saying "We're thrilled about these partnerships. The additional functionality these technologies bring to JIRA now allow us to competitively position it against other competing service desks with full confidence that this end-to-end solution will be of great value to our customers."

"When an application goes down or has performance issues, countless users are impacted- especially if you're an enterprise company," adds Praecipio Consulting Managing Partner of Product Development and IT Ops, Christopher Pepe. "The ability to identify these issues quickly and route them to the appropriate support channels can mean the difference between minutes of performance loss versus hours, if not days. For companies with mission-critical systems, having tools like BigPanda, xMatters, Workato, Splunk, Puppet, and Riada is paramount to providing uninterrupted service to customers." 

"After using Workato with JIRA for their own business, Praecipio Consulting is convinced that the power of Workato will benefit their customers with Workato's capabilities as an integration and automation platform for JIRA," notes Workato VP of Business Development, Markus Zirn. "Workato enhances JIRA well, as seen from Praecipio Consulting's end-to-end IT Operations and DevOps solutions. We're excited to be the integration and automation platform for these IT Ops and DevOps solutions built around JIRA and leveraging multiple components from Atlassian partners."

Praecipio Consulting is co-sponsoring Atlassian European Summit with an aforementioned partner, xMatters, and the team looks forward to presenting this unprecedented solution to attendees. 

About Praecipio Consulting

Praecipio Consulting is an IT and business process consulting company focused on the Atlassian product suite, offering services including product licensing, training, managed services and managed hosting, and custom development across the entire Atlassian product suite. Specializing in IT processes, best practices and frameworks including ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), and various ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) models, Praecipio Consulting provides best-in-class products (including the DocuSign for Atlassian suite) and business process services to clients of all industries and sizes for superior, consistently delivered results.

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