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Advanced Energy Powers Growth & Business Transformation by Migrating to Jira Cloud

By Praecipio Consulting on May 31, 2022 10:11:04 AM


Advanced Energy, a global power solutions leader, wanted to migrate from its legacy project management system to Jira Cloud (which would eventually become their corporate instance) to accelerate their business transformation. Since beginning its business transformation journey, the energy organization had also completed multiple acquisitions (rapidly growing from 500 to over 12,0000 employees) and needed support with merging processes and technologies. 

Topics: managed-services training integration cloud migration Jira Cloud
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Customized Training Program for Enterprise Multinational Retailer

By Praecipio Consulting on Jan 20, 2021 8:24:51 AM


No matter the industry or size of an organization, it is vital that businesses understand the importance of the user adoption process and the integral roles that technology and operations have in carrying out day-to-day business functions. Our client, a leading multinational retailer, needed to create a customized training program specifically for their teams in international markets. They required training content at both the team and management levels that focused on Agile, Jira and their in-house tools, Team Rosters and Roadmap. The curriculum not only had to be comprehensive in order to educate team members about these enterprise tools and share best practices, but the delivery had to be concise as well. We worked with the retail giant over a two-week period to determine the training content, program structure, delivery methods, as well as defining specific exercises for the modules and building out Lab Workbooks.

Topics: jira case-studies enterprise teams training collaboration retail agile
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Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Training with Leading Oil and Gas Client

By Praecipio Consulting on Jan 19, 2021 11:27:48 AM


Our client, a worldwide leader specializing in equipment and components for the oil and gas industry, was in need of refining its overall utilization and understanding of concepts around their Advanced Roadmaps for Jira (formerly Portfolio for Jira) tool. In general, our Advanced Roadmaps for Jira training is focused and centered around:

Topics: jira case-studies training utilities energy jira-software
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How ITSM Solution Improved SLAs For Tech-Savvy Public Utility Provider

By Praecipio Consulting on Jul 27, 2020 3:37:31 PM


Our client, an investor-owned public utility company and one of the most technically-sophisticated providers in their industry, transitioned to an IT Service Management platform that consistently failed at providing the essential integrations, Service Level Agreements (SLA's), and IT Asset Management to sustain their organization long-term.

Topics: asset-management training service-level-agreement utilities insight itsm jira-service-desk user-experience
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Agile Process Assessment for Tech-Enabled Healthcare Services Company

By Praecipio Consulting on Jul 20, 2020 10:08:01 AM


In the ever-changing world of IT, an organization's ability to perform cross-functionally and manage work to meet business demands is imperative to overall business success. Our client, who partners with leading health plans, healthcare providers, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies, wanted to bring in a professional services organization with in-depth expertise of Agile frameworks within the Atlassian ecosystem to evaluate their current usage of their Atlassian tools. Upon initial deployment of the Atlassian product suite, our client mostly leveraged out-of-the-box solutions based on Atlassian's recommendations, which had worked in the short-term but lacked scalability in critical areas as internal needs and priorities shifted towards broader organizational goals (including SAFe®).

Topics: atlassian scaled-agile confluence training process-assessment safe agile
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Intranet Overhaul for Design Software Company Improves User Experience

By Praecipio Consulting on May 14, 2020 9:15:00 AM


Our client, a leading multinational company that creates software for 3D design, engineering, and entertainment, had an ongoing project to redesign and improve their internal wiki site, which was supported by Atlassian's Confluence. Our client's needs focused on a specific platform division within their organization, which would benefit from an overhaul of their current information architecture. 

Topics: atlassian brikit confluence software training information-architecture user-experience
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What’s all the hype on Atlassian? Your Return-On-Investment

By Praecipio Consulting on Jan 31, 2019 4:00:52 PM


As a leader in the medical industry, our client provides superior solutions to those who rely on them for cutting-edge healthcare systems, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical products. To do this important work, they rely heavily on Atlassian's Jira and Confluence to collaborate on and track work - which, prior to our engagement, resulted in an overabundance of instances across their 70,000 person country-wide organization. In seeking to merge, migrate, and consolidate their multiple Jira and Confluence instances into one, they turned to our Atlassian Expert team to get this mission-critical job done right. Visit the Atlassian Cloud Migration page here.

Topics: jira atlassian case-studies confluence migrations training cloud merge

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