In many large and segmented Enterprise organizations, tools can be broadly implemented but most tools fail to be fully controlled and realized, understood, utilized and then ultimately adopted. This can create departmental silos and an inherent disconnection on real solutions for internal business units.

Our client, the financial services department of a national healthcare consortium organization, was in need of a partner to assist them in how they currently utilize their Atlassian products while providing clear and succinct recommendations on implementing the software correctly to fit their business needs. The financial services department was responsible for managing client financials for hospitals and various care organizations, data analytics, web development, accounting team processes and more. The critical business need was around reporting and evaluating metrics from office visits, prescriptions, and appointments in which processes are heavily dependent on data analytics being collected, written, and shared with staff. The client was in need of a detailed and comprehensive Atlassian Tools Assessment that would provide a clear gap analysis of their current toolset, configuration control points, and business utilization while potentially exploring the move to DevOps for their data analytics and web development teams.

The Challenge

The organization was using a combination of Atlassian tools including Jira Software, Confluence, and Bitbucket for approximately 18 months. The tools were configured for the organization as a whole, and were not tailored to individual departmental needs; therefore, the financial services department was limited in making any configuration changes. The organization-wide configuration had several limitations: the client didn't have proper training on the tools, the workflows were not conducive to analytics teams, and the current configuration made team-level work difficult to manage and track as all three teams shared a single project in Jira and space in Confluence. These were significant blockers to internal operations.

The Solution

During the two-week engagement, Praecipio Consulting met with stakeholders and conducted interviews with end-users from several groups within the department to identify the pain points and limitations. Since Praecipio Consulting has worked with a variety of Healthcare industry clients, we were able to leverage that experience to help the client understand how they could better leverage their Atlassian tools. Praecipio Consulting provided recommendations and a roadmap that was tailored to the client's specific needs helping alleviate some of the major blockers. The playbook included diagrams and detailed recommendations that explained how to modify workflows for each issue type needed, which allowed for better management of work at the team level. Additionally, the client now has a clear path forward for future work and how to continuously improve their existing configuration.


The financial services team has a clear and focused understanding of how the tools can integrate, and how to better use them to improve inefficiencies. This enabled them to move forward with solid tangible, time specific actions items that provided a clear pathway to strategically implement, utilize and support their critical business needs.

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