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Whether you are new to working from home or an old pro, it is still important to take regular breaks through out the day to maintain focus, productivity, and creativity. Don't believe me? It's science!

To help you fuel your next break, we've curated some pictures of cute animals exploring the new normal, primarily vacant city streets and suburbs. While most of the world shutters inside, these cuties are making the most out of lockdown. Enjoy!

1. These mountain goats could definitely use a lesson in social distancing as they explore Llandudno, Wales.
Image Credit: Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

2. This coyote enjoys stretching its legs during a casual stroll through downtown San Francisco, CA.  coyoteImage Credit: manishkumar457 via Twitter

3. This puuurrr-ty puma takes a solo catwalk down the streets of Santiago, Chile.pumaImage Credit: Andres Pina/Anton Chile/AFP via Getty Images

4. This beautiful peacock appears to be the only one out and about on this street in Dubai. peacock
Image Credit: KARIM SAHIB/AFP via Getty Images

5. The absence of human activity means that these orcas can get a little closer to the coastline while exploring the Indian Arm in Canada. 

orcasImage Credit: JIMHANSON_NV/Twitter

6. And lastly, a favorite in our office, these penguins saying "Hi" to their neighbors while exploring Chicago's Shedd Aquarium. penguinImage Credit: Shedd Aquarium

We hope this break has been a bright spot in your day, and we wish you and your loved ones health and safety during these unprecedented times. 

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Mary Roper

Written by Mary Roper

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