Do you find yourself renewing your Atlassian licenses every month? How much time is spent on each cycle? Do your licenses expire because there are too many expiration dates to keep track of?

Here’s a brief explanation of why co-terming your Atlassian licenses is important and how to take advantage of co-terming benefits.

What is co-terming?

Co-terming licenses readjusts the expiration date of the support term to align to one renewal date.

How is co-terming beneficial?

Co-terming all your licenses will result in an annual renewal cycle which helps with budget planning and reduces procurement cycles. Trusting an Atlassian Platinum Partner with your license management takes the pressure off of you. All renewals are handled in a proactive manner and you will receive annual renewal quotes 90-days prior to your license expiration.

What licenses can be co-termed?

Data Center & Server: All Data Center and Server licenses can be co-termed when purchasing new add-ons, upgrades, or at renewal.

Services (Premier Support & TAM): If you use Atlassian's services, the service term can be co-termed to align to your other licenses.

Atlassian Cloud (Annual contracts): By design, Atlassian's cloud is automatically co-termed. Once the cloud environment is created, any license changes to the current environment (new purchases, upgrades) will be pro-rated to the cloud end date.

When should I co-term licenses?

If your renewal cycles are too time consuming, now is the time to ask about co-terming. Once a co-term date is determined, all new purchases, upgrades, and renewals will be co-termed to the same date moving forward.

How do I decide on a co-term date?

Some end users already have a date in mind, or choose to use a fiscal year-end to align to. If you don't have a specific date one can be determined for you by looking over the complete license list.

How do I get started with co-terming?

Email us at to submit your request.

Jessica Ellis

Written by Jessica Ellis

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