Automation is a popular theme for developers, consultants and everyday users of the Atlassian suite, especially within Jira, because it makes your life much easier. There's no shortage of ways to automate processes within Jira, including custom development and the Atlassian marketplace. Even we at Praecipio Consulting have used most or all of these add-ons. That is until we created our own automation tool: Turbo Kit for Jira.

One of Turbo Kit's most powerful functions is the create and set post function. With Turbo Kit installed, an option in the workflow editor allows the user to select the relevant transition. For example, the 'calculate set field values' function enables you to choose “to do,” and then move to “In progress”, and then add a post function. The target field can be a pre-existing custom field or a default Atlassian field, such as description or summary. The target field can be a string, drop-down field, or number field. When selecting a number field – this could be story points or a custom field - the user is able to select from a set of operators to format mathematical calculations. If your business need includes increasing story points on a transition, or increasing the severity of an issue, or decreasing the severity of an issue on transition, all of these (and more) can be automated in advance with Turbo Kit. This can be done to all workflows, projects or issues.

There are many potential uses for the calculate set field values function in Turbo Kit. In this example, a Jira admin is determining a repair cost by performing a calculation using data from the hourly rate, hours and discount fields.

The string feature in Turbo Kit enables the concatenation of strings to facilitate changes to the description field on transition. Turbo Kit users can also add and create a new description field based on content from a different field in a Jira ticket. This lozenge format, familiar to Atlassian users, is leveraged to form a calculation or a string concatenation. In certain examples, users can add their own custom content to that calculation field. 

In addition to number and string fields, Turbo Kit also provides post functions within the workflow for single select field options that recognize the contexts associated with that field. "Here's how Turbo Kit can make life a little bit easier! A Jira administrator needs to change an assignee or a number value associated with an issue on transition," explained Jillian Flook, Developer at Praecipio Consulting. "In some cases, this could be on an importance level or a more nuanced priority level that isn't available within the traditional priority drop-down list. And because the priority list is another field available for transitions with Turbo Kit, a user is able to move up one or down one." Turbo Kit for Jira offers a variety of supported fields, as well as custom fields. And don't worry about your custom fields. They will not be supported by Turbo Kit initially, but you can enter a custom field ID, and quickly view a list supported fields in a drop-down list. By using the custom field's ID, a user can select the sources in the calculation.  

Out of the box, Turbo Kit's supported fields and custom fields provide an enormous range of enhanced opportunities to leverage post functions and making your workflows much more powerful and easier to build. For more information about Turbo Kit for Jira and a closer look at is powerful new features, register for the product demonstration webinar on Wednesday, November 8 at 11 a.m. CT.


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