Customizing workflows in Jira means taking control of your organization's transactions, but that also means quality assurance becomes critical. Fortunately, Turbo Kit for Jira not only provides the deep customization capabilities for workflow creation and customizing conditions, but also has a variety of validators needed to ensure transitions operate correctly and smoothly.

"The main purpose of a validator is to validate any info before performing any transition, such as moving a ticket/issue in Jira from 'in progress' to 'in review' or 'closed'," said Renuka Joshi, Software Engineer at Praecipio Consulting. "After creating validator in the workflow for specific transition, Turbo Kit checks to see if the value is correct and if the value is present on transition." Jira admins and power users can customize this kind of transition easily with Turbo Kit's JQL validator, comment validator, and modified field evaluator." 

Within Jira Service Desk, when a user transitions a workflow to "In Progress", Turbo Kit is enforcing data entry in the Comments field and Approval Notes custom field. Turbo Kit also enables the custom error message.

Turbo Kit's built-in JQL validator checks for specific conditions on custom fields and other supported fields for a ticket before performing a transition to ensure it works correctly before saving your workflow. For example, if a user writes a JQL function to check that the priority of the ticket equals 'medium', then before performing that particular transition, the function confirm that if the priority is not in that state,  the transition will be blocked. With a test issue key available in Turbo Kit, users can test the validators to make sure the JQL function is correct. "That kind of checking is performed automatically, which helps teams improve their quality assurance efforts," said Joshi. The JQL Validator is also capable of performing RegEx validation with the combination of Regex JQL Function, to ensure format validation on specific fields prior to transition.

Turbo Kit can also help enforce compliance with the capture of required data. For example, when creating a ticket, a user may not always know the required information to collect, such as story points, assignee, priority, etc. Validators built-in to Turbo Kit, however, can help ensure those critical data points are entered prior to the ticket closing by blocking issue transitions when required fields are empty. Error messaging related to these transition blocks can also be modified with Turbo Kit, giving your team full ability to enforce compliance and enhance usability. Examples of this type of validation include the comment field validator, where a comment must be entered into the long text field before the issue is allowed to transition in the workflow.

For more information about Turbo Kit for Jira, register for the in-depth product demonstration webinar on Wednesday, November 8 at 11 a.m. CT. 

Ready to take Turbo Kit for a test drive? Download it today from the Atlassian Marketplace.  

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