We’re excited to announce our newest add-on in the Atlassian marketplace, Turbo Kit for Jira.

Turbo Kit consolidates the features of multiple other marketplace products into a single add-on that provides enhanced search capabilities, additional post functions, and many other features to enhance your Jira instance.

The product's inception was informed by 10 years of field experience directly from our consultants who have implemented, customized and supported numerous, distinct add-ons to achieve the power that Turbo Kit for Jira now provides in one application. Turbo Kit for Jira not only simplifies the implementation and maintenance of a Jira enhancement, but also potentially at a significantly lower investment.

Powerful New Features

Turbo Kit’s key features include JQL-powered issue auto create, JQL functions, a Graphical field calculator and Special input fields, which are described below. 


Turbo Kit offers a powerful set of validators, conditions, and post functions. The auto create allows users to create new issues on transition based on JQL conditions. No scripting language is required to make this happen, which developers will appreciate.


Turbo Kit also adds new functions in the JQL function library, including a RegEx evaluator, date comparisons, time in status, status compare, issue link types, members of roles, and epic memberships, just to name a few. These functions not only can help users and administrator create more effective filters to drive dashboards, but can also be used with workflow post functions, conditions and validators.

"My favorite feature is the graphical field calculator and one that I call the most powerful post function ever," said Steve Kling, Principal of Development at Praecipio Consulting. "I’ve been developing in the Atlassian environment more than five years, and I’ve never seen anything quite like this. Turbo Kit for Jira enables selecting a target field, based on either number or string, and providing real arithmetic calculations to create and calculate a field or the ability to string together a new value. And no knowledge of scripting languages, like Groovy, is required."

Special Input Fields

Jira doesn’t ship with any of the masks users might expect, such as SSN, phone number, zip code, or email address fields. Similarly, Jira does not offer out-of-the-box a Regex-based field where formats can be defined. But Turbo Kit for Jira, and its special input fields, enables reinforcement for that type of data entry. This mask provides an additional check to ensure that data entered into a field meets the field's data requirements, ensuring data compliance.

For more information about Turbo Kit for Jira and a closer look at is powerful new features, register for the product demonstration webinar on Wednesday, November 8 at 11 a.m. CT.

Designed for Atlassian Jira 7.0.0. - 7.5.1, Turbo Kit is available for download in the Atlassian marketplace for Server only. In the Turbo Kit for Jira marketplace location, you will find licensing options and pricing information as well as detailed user documentation. Give Turbo Kit for Jira a test drive today!

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