Congrats, 2011 graduates! And special congrats to the University of Texas at Austin Class of 2011, our alma mater. You’ll be offered many unsolicited, bigger-picture pieces of advice tomorrow – so we thought we’d get your feet wet with this short note:

You’ve probably heard before that life is a classroom, and that you’ll graduate many times over the years. This is true. There is something to be learned every day, be it through success or failure. As our friend @eoshow says, “you can’t know it all, and that’s okay…just admit when you don’t know.” Think of your work as a paid internship. On one hand you’re paid to work, but on the other you’re being paid to learn.

With that in mind, please enjoy some better advice from two of our favorite commencement speeches:

1. Kurt Vonnegut, MIT Class of 1997 – “Wear sunscreen” – with some especially cheesy effects




2. David Foster Wallace, Kenyon College Class of 2005 – “This is water” – (#1 on Time’s Top 10)




Watch Part 2 here.

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