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AtlasCamp 2012: Intermediate Jira Plugin Training Course by Praecipio Consulting

Sep 18, 2012 11:00:00 AM

That’s right, only one day left until AtlasCamp 2012. Our developers eagerly await this day every year, so you can imagine our excitement when Atlassian asked our very own Christopher Pepe to design and teach the Intermediate Jira Plugin Training Course!

Christopher is one of our resident Atlassian experts, counting on over 7 years experience with Jira. Chris has designed training courses for many of our clients including NASA, and has even used Jira to control a toaster - so obviously we knew he’d be a shoe in.

The course will be designed for experienced Java programmers who have basic familiarity with writing Atlassian plugins. The course will demonstrate how to create a working plugin for Jira, implement a REST resource, store and retrieve custom data using Active Objects, and render a custom web panel.

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