As 2016 draws to a close, it's time to reflect on the past 12 months and set forth goals a.k.a. resolutions for 2017. Where do you want to be in the new year? For many, this includes adopting new technologies or new practices like DevOps. Whatever your new year's technology resolutions, we're here to help.

2017 Technology Resolutions

5. Always be iterating

The faster one can learn and improve, the better your results. This goes for building products as well as continuously improving your processes. Look for opportunities to grow and eliminate inefficiencies. Those who have the tools and processes to achieve this agility will reap the greatest rewards.

4. Automate more

What are the repeatable processes in your day-to-day work life that can be automated? Save countless resource hours spent doing work manually by smartly automating repetitive tasks like sending esignature documents or creating issues at a workflow transition. This automation allows you more time to focus on your core competencies. 

3. Plan ahead

Having the capability to forecast project delivery is key. Using tools like Portfolio for JIRA and Tempo Budgets, you gain the perspective you need to ensure timely, on budget delivery of projects by leveraging your teams' historical velocity and resource availability. 

2. Speak up

Keep the lines of team communication open with daily standups and HipChat. Being able to quickly identify any blockers and swarm to fix them helps you to keep work flowing and gives your team the support they need to be productive. 

1. Try something new

Take this new year as an opportunity to embrace change. Ready to dip your toe into DevOps or try out AWS services? Now's the time! Set goals to measure the success of your new endeavor and challenge your team to embrace your new initiatives. We even provide training to help you get started faster and easier!

Whatever your technology resolutions, we have the expertise and services to help you achieve success. Our team is here to help you meet (and exceed) your goals- so don't wait to make your resolutions. Contact us to find out what you can accomplish in the new year. 

Happy 2017 to you and your team,
Your friends at Praecipio Consulting

Christian Lane

Written by Christian Lane

With over 20 years of consulting, IT operations, integration, and software development experience, founder and managing partner Christian Lane drives the business strategy that has led to landmark company success. His experience in myriad industries including start-ups, utilities and commercial arts provided Christian a wide knowledge base of operational development. Prior to founding Praecipio Consulting, Christian gained respect in the technology field through his work with ERCOT and Tactica Technology Group (now Hitachi Consulting). Choosing a headquarter office moments from Lake Austin, Christian enjoys going out for "board meetings" (a.k.a. wake boarding) with our team.

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