Steven Kling joins Praecipio Consulting as Principal of Development Operations

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Increasing expert staff to meet growing demands on their business, Praecipio Consulting hires Steven Kling as Principal of Development Operations. With an extensive background in business technology and development, Kling's leadership signifies Praecipio Consulting's increasing presence in the Atlassian ecosystem. "Steven Kling was a strategic hire for us," shares Praecipio Consulting partner Christopher Pepe (creator of Praecipio Consulting's existing Atlassian Marketplace offering, Secure Content). "We've stacked our dev team with the best and brightest folks to get our products to the marketplace, and Kling's vision and oversight will drive this to great success."

In his first month at Praecipio Consulting, Kling and his team are already cranking out code for the company's largest marketplace release yet. "The flexibility of the Atlassian stack allows for customization and increased functionality for all teams," notes Kling. "We've determined a significant need and are working to offer a marketplace solution this spring for Confluence, JIRA, and HipChat." While the details of the current development project are under wraps at the moment, Kling is slated to debut the add-ons at several major, upcoming technology conferences this year. 

Prior to joining Praecipio Consulting, Kling held multiple high-level positions in various technology-centric companies and consulting firms (including his most recent role as Senior Staff Engineer at HomeAway), giving him both "big picture" strategizing abilities as well as focused, operational expertise. In addition to his technical background, Kling is also a decorated combat veteran. "Leadership carries across all industries." states Kling. "I've had the privilege of cultivating my leadership skills in both the public and private sector, and relish the challenge of applying them to create a world-class Atlassian add-on development team." 

With major marketplace releases already in development, and others in planning, Steven Kling expands Praecipio Consulting's portfolio of offerings for an even greater role in the Atlassian ecosystem. "We've had a reputation for years as a top Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Expert," says Pepe. "But now [with the addition of Kling], our name will be associated with increasingly innovative and highly-functional marketplace add-ons as well."

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