Jira 4.4 Sneak Peak

Searching the change history of issues in Jira gives specific, key information about issues, and helps developers make decisions and prioritize work.

Do More with ‘WAS’

The ability to search issue change history was introduced in Jira 4.3 with the Status field. In Jira 4.4, now you can also search:

  • Assignee field
  • Reporter field
  • Number of watchers (=,)
  • and dynamic dates!

Jira’s already full of information about your team and work. Dynamic date searching makes Jira’s search more powerful, with the ability to search for a field with a particular value:

  • ON
  • BY

Create new or tweak existing JQL filters and gadgets on the dashboard to show dynamic date information about status, assignee, and more. Watch the video to see it in action!



The Jira development team at Atlassian has already added some key information to their wallboard using these new search parameters. One key bit of information they want to see: how many issues QA raised during June for Version 4.4, and of those, how many have been resolved:

Paul, the Jira dev lead at Atlassian, is most interested in how many issues were ever rejected by QA, so he has a saved search for:

The examples above are just scratching the surface of what searching change history adds to Jira. Here are some other searches we’ve been playing around with:

  • issues assigned to Ken during June
  • issues that were assigned to John by Kyle
  • status was resolved before endOfWeek() by cbang
  • how many issues were resolved by Steve
  • assignee was in QA group during May
  • assignee was in QA group BY pslade
  • reporter was in QA group during June

Atlassian’s “really excited” for users to try out the new search parameters with their own issues, so download Jira 4.4 beta today and let ‘em know what you think!