Flatwater Foundation | Dam That Cancer Fundraiser

You may have heard of the movement to build corporate philanthropy called Pledge 1%. Praecipio Consulting has been an active member of the mission-driven non-profit since 2015. We have pledged 1% of our equity, 1% of our time, and 1% of our profits to a variety of charitable causes, including the Boys and Girls Club, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the Coastal Conservation Association. “It’s not enough to just do good work, …” says Christopher Pepe, “… we want our company to do good in the world.”

Flatwater Foundation

In 2017, we chose a new-to-us charity to contribute tothe Flatwater Foundation. We earmarked the organization because of their unwavering dedication to provide those battling with cancer, and their families, access to mental health therapy to help cope with their loved ones diagnosis.

Our campaign to raise money for the Flatwater Foundation’s “Dam That Cancer” fundraiser began by entering a five-person stand-up paddle boarding team to complete a 21-mile athletic feat across Austin’s Lady Bird Lake. As physically challenging as that was, we were determined to accomplish the goal we set for ourselves. In addition to paddle boarding, we hosted and participated in events to help us raise money to reach our goal - We teamed up with Whitestone Brewery and in.gredients, and hosted an event to boost awareness and generate contributions to the fundraiser. We also hosted a charity Spikeball Tournament to raise additional funds for the cause.

Fundraising Feels Good 

In the end, we were ultimately successful. The Praecipio Consulting team raised $11,491 of our $10K goal, contributing to Flatwater Foundation exceeding its $600K goal. We are so proud of our staff committing to training on their own time, and enduring the grueling distance of Lady Bird Lake (while having fun), all in an effort to help families cope with the unfortunate circumstances they find themselves in.


All of us who volunteered have been challenged, and yet enriched more than words can say. There’s a true feeling of camaraderie—we all know we’ve joined together for a cause and a purpose greater than ourselves.

Praecipio Consulting continues to support many charitable organizations that do great work for our community, but Flatwater Foundation’s “Dam That Cancer” is one that has become a part of our company’s culture. Praecipio Consulting’s staff feels a strong connection to their mission and their work; so much that even though our muscles are still sore, we know we’ll be back to support their work in the future.