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Intranet Enhancements Result in Improved User Experience

A leading multinational company that creates software for 3D design, engineering, and entertainment, had an ongoing project to redesign and improve their internal wiki site, which was supported by Atlassian’s Confluence. 

Global Fortune 10 Retailer Implements Jira Data Center

With offices in 28 countries and over a million employees, this industry giant required a unified tool and refined processes to ensure their disparate teams could easily stay on top of their frequent releases.

Transportation company moves from a home-grown ITSM system to Atlassian

Learn how Praecipio Consulting successfully assisted an American freight carrier and transportation company with their transition from a home-grown ITSM system to the Atlassian tool suite.

Enterprise Telecommunications Company

As the leading U.S. provider of telecommunications, our client made the choice to move from traditional project management practices to an agile development methodology, including implementation and customization of Atlassian tools to support their new processes. 

Fuel Marketer Receives Atlassian Stack Gap Analysis

When one of the country's largest independent fuel marketers standardized on Atlassian in 2014, knowledge and ownership of the software was disconnected. We conducted a gap analysis to assess the state of our client's Atlassian tools and provide recommendations for overcoming issues within their software and processes. 

Implementation of Jira Software for Agile SDLC and Waterfall Management

A mid-sized bank with locations across the U.S., needed to tighten up planning and execution of their software development and IT operations projects, as well as provide insights available in real-time to other business teams.

Intranet Overhaul for Design Software Company Improves User Experience

Our client, a leading multinational company that creates software for 3D design, engineering, and entertainment, had an ongoing project to redesign and improve their internal wiki site, which was supported by Atlassian's Confluence.


Animation Studio Successfully Implements Jira Service Desk

Our client, one of the leading animation studios in the world, had utilized a system for years that they developed in-house to manage incoming work requests.


Maximizing Atlassian Tools to Implement Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Best Practices

For organizations wanting to thrive in the digital world that is constantly evolving, they must be equipped with innovative technology and streamlined business processes that enable them to maximize their performance.

Process Assessment for the Largest U.S. Dept of Energy Science Research

Being a Platinum Atlassian Solutions Partner allows us to come in contact with a wide variety of clients from different industries and disciplines.

Turning an Arduous Path of Agile Transformation into a Polished Deliverable

Creating and maintaining a shared understanding and mutual trust between densely populated departments of an organization can prove difficult without complete buy-in and effective collaboration.

Online Travel Company Implements Bitbucket to Maximize SDLC Processes

Utilizing our integrated delivery methodology, Praecipio Consulting implemented Bitbucket to maximize SDLC processes for a leading travel website.

Enterprise Telecommunications Company

As the leading U.S. provider of telecommunications, our enterprise client relies on constantly delivering their best products to their growing market.

Enterprise Gaming Company Optimizes Confluence Requirements for Scaleable Growth

One of the most well-known makers of hobby gaming systems, whose leading product nets around $250 million annually, needed help managing requirements and project planning in their existing Confluence instance.


Digital Transaction Management Company Implements Jira and Jira Agile

In the growing field of digital transaction management, good technology and best practices are paramount.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art Implements Custom-Configured Jira Software

As the largest art museum in the United States, the Metropolitan Museum of Art works with thousands of priceless works on a daily basis.


What’s all the hype on Atlassian? ROI

As a leader in the medical industry, our client provides superior solutions to those who rely on them for cutting-edge healthcare systems, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical products.


Global Fortune 40 Retailer Implements and Configures Portfolio for Scaled Agile

As software is eating the world (per Marc Andreesen), every company is a software company.


Leading Rail Technology Company Achieves Stability and More Functionality with Managed Services

A leader in the rail technology space, our client needed a way to host their Atlassian products without bearing the burden of infrastructure themselves.


Fortune 20 Electronics Company Optimizes Jira and Confluence for ITSM Best Practices

Problem, change, and incident management requires ITSM best practices and properly configured tools in order to be effective.


The World's Largest Broadcasting and Cable Television Company Migrates and Streamlines Jira Solution

Enterprises have increasingly adopted team collaboration systems and project management with bug/issue tracking software to plan, track and manage agile software development projects.

Tipping the Scale for Enterprise Growth

In the realm of a business environment, growth can simultaneously be a gift and a curse.


Legal and Business News Provider Implements Atlassian Stack and Standardizes SDLC

By utilizing our process expertise and knowledge of the Atlassian product suite, Praecipio Consulting standardized SDLC processes and implemented Jira, Jira Agile, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, and Stash for one of the world's largest legal and business news providers.


Managed Healthcare Consortium Organization Obtains Critical Atlassian Tool Playbook

In many large and segmented Enterprise organizations, tools can be broadly implemented but most tools fail to be fully controlled and realized, understood, utilized and then ultimately adopted. This can create departmental silos and an inherent disconnection on real solutions for internal business units.


Performance Assessment to Maximize Jira's Efficiency

Our client, a leading provider of personal and commercial financial banking card services, was seeking to improve the performance of their TPS (Transaction Processing System) Jira Project instance. This instance was managed from the Marketing Team and critical to support the overall business.


World's Largest Beverage and Brewing Company Migrates to Atlassian ITSM Platform

Submitting, tracking and responding to incidents, service and change requests is a core capability required of every modern IT organization.


Atlassian Data Center

Atlassian Data Center provides optimal performance and high availability for mission-critical, enterprise applications. Including availability across the most widely used team collaboration tools in the suite, Data Center delivers instant scalability for unphased system performance as your organization grows.


"Praecipio Consulting strives to understand you. They translate your problems and needs into a tool you can use. They’ve made what I do a lot easier; I love it.”

Ketha Richardson Electric Power Board (EPB) of Chattanooga