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Atlassian & Citizen Engagement

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Jira Service Desk for Citizen Engagement - Empower Citizens,
Streamline Operations

State and local government agencies accomplish their missions when they can engage and serve citizens as efficiently as possible. But for many cash-strapped agencies, paper forms, faxes, and phone interactions are still the primary access to information and services. Atlassian Jira Service Desk changes the game:

Instant responses and self-service

Do away with the burden and inefficiency of paper forms. Now citizens can get information and request services as easily as they order products online.

Transparent, optimized ticketing workflows

Streamline inter-agency interactions and share reports on workloads, SLAs, and customer satisfaction with configurable dashboards and templates. Reduce costs, decrease response times and close tickets faster.

Modernize and customize agency operations

Integrate multilingual services, smartphone interactions, and live chat via hundreds of apps available in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Jira Service Desk is a powerful, collaborative, and affordable solution for empowering and serving citizens. With a modern interface, and enterprise-class features, Jira Service Desk enables agency teams to achieve mission success by delivering modern, efficient citizen engagement and customer service.



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- Texas Conference of Urban Counties


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