DevOps: An Interpersonal Approach

Presented by Christopher Pepe


Does Your Organization Understand DevOps?

Many organizations often place a strong emphasis on tools, automation, and making big changes - all too quickly. To properly begin the DevOps journey, the key is to start small using an interpersonal approach. As the DevOps practice grows and matures, you'll notice:

  • Critical issues will be resolved in an accelerated time
  • Improvements on how to manage unplanned work
  • Greater collaboration between the Dev & Ops teams

Companies that practice DevOps are more agile, more innovative and more profitable. Learn how to get your teams started on their DevOps journey through an interpersonal approach.


According to Puppet Lab's 2016 State of DevOps Report - Teams that adopt DevOps deploy 200 times more frequently with 2,555x faster lead times. 


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Since 2010, before DevOps was called "DevOps", Praecipio Consulting worked with customers of all stages in their DevOps journey. They guide the technical and cultural realignment required for DevOps success, and utilize their vast partner technologies to implement a true DevOps transformation.


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